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Robust Soft folding bracket

Robust Soft is our classic folding bracket Robust L upgraded with a soft-folding feature.

The soft-folding function dampens the impact when folding the bracket and makes the Robust Soft safer and easier to use.

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Robust Soft folding bracket is the same strong console and hinge in one piece as Robust L, but the built-in damper makes Robust Soft folding bracket work smoother and significantly reduces the risk of pinching your fingers.

 Some salient attributes:

  • Soft-closing with built-in damper
  • Stays locked when folded
  • Longer release arm for easier reach
  • Backplate with radius (Ø 25 mm) for assembly to tube or a flat surface

Only for indoor use.



Item noMaterialTreatmentStock
907260Stainless steel (AISI304)Electropolished
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