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Our wide selection of high-quality door closers, door coordinators, door magnets and control units.

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ROCA Products

    Key switch boxes

    With our key switch boxes, you only need one key to access all doors, awnings, burglar bars, etcetera, in a building.

    Door coordinators

    Door coordinator for double-leaf door sets. The active door-leaf is prevented from closing by the lock-head of the coordinator.

    Door closers

    An impressive range of high-quality door closers in various models for different uses. Choose among arms with hold function, stainless steel arms, arms for fire doors and slide rail with hold function.



    Electromagnetic locks

    Sleek and elegant electromagnetic locks for outgoing doors. Very low current consumption and with a pulling force from 135-530 kg.

    Magnetic door holders

    Magnetic fire door holders. In the event of a fire, the magnet is released and the door closes.


    Control units

    Control units by ROCA include resettable emergency release call point and a delay card for door control. The features also include adjustable open delay.

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