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Wiper systems

In harsh marine conditions when fog and rain reduce visibility, all you need is a windshield that protects you while being utterly transparent in view. Having a reliable marine windshield wiper system means the world to mariners everywhere.

Our safe and user-friendly windshield wiper systems have a bulletproof sweep and pressure and are designed to fit each individual windscreen perfectly – whether it’s within the marine, train, cabin, and non-automotive industry and regardless of size, angle, or position.

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    SAR 15M Wipers W38

    Different boats require different kinds of wipers to fulfill different needs. Please fill in our questionnaire and we will help you choose the best wiper system solution for your boat or vehicle.





ROCA Products

    W50 System

    The W50 is a big wiper system made for the toughest conditions. Thanks to its strong and robust design it’s the perfect match for any yacht where you need a very long arm and blade for the big front window. Thus, it is also the ideal solution for windshields on trains.

    W38 System

    The W38 wiper system is a strong and flexible windshield wiper motor for the very big front windows on a modern boat or on a land-based vehicle where you need a sustainable and reliable wiper system.

    W25 System

    The W25 wiper system is a single-driven yet strong windshield wiper motor. It is perfect for the medium-sized cabin boats with big front windshields where you need to get the best possible sight.

    W38L System

    The W38L linkage wiper system is the perfect solution when you want to make sure the wipers will cover as much of your windscreen as possible, using two overlapping sweeps. The system powers two arms with a 610 mm / 560 mm arm/blade combination.

    W12 System

    The W12 is a waterproof windshield wiper system with an easily adjustable sweep and parking position. Just as stylish as it is functional. Fits perfect in all kinds of  boats and can be mounted both outside and inside.

    W10 System

    The W10 is a reliable and elegant windshield wiper system for indoor mounting.


    W5 System

    The W5 is a small and flexible wiper system for smaller windscreens on boats.

    Wiper controls

    Our wiper controls allow you to fully configure your windshield wiper system. You can choose between operating your system with a single switch or to have full control of each wiper with our wiper panels. As with all our products - flexibility is a keyword.

    Accessories for wiper systems

    ROCA offers a range of accessories for wiper systems to add functionality and complete attributes for wipers. The accessories include tank sets, bulkhead fittings, washer hoses, solenoids, and spray kits.


Small items of great significance – little heroes who are experts in enhancing other manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafes, hospitals, shops and homes…

"We easily integrated the W10 into our vehicle"

Nowadays, in the times of home delivery (Amazon, Zalando), more and more vans are filling our streets. Traffic jams arise, caused by vans that park merely everywhere. In particular the delivery on the last mile is difficult. Here, the Germany-based startup Antric offers an efficient alternative. Their cargo e-bike is equipped with windscreen wiper motors from ROCA Industry. 

"Corona pandemic had positive effects on the boating industry"

Boat builders and boat sellers were really busy during the corona pandemic. Just because boating turned out to be a good option when people could not go abroad in the same way as before. This according tot Lars-Åke Redéen, jury member of the Boat Builders Awards, which is awarded at this year's Metstrade trade fair in Amsterdam.

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