Pull handles

A wide range of reliable and elegant high-quality pull handles with different features for all kinds of doors.

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ROCA Products

    SLUG pull handles

    Smart pull handles that are easy to install – no need for drilling or other intervention on the door is needed.

    ROCA Mekano

    Customize your door handles with ROCA Mekano – an innovative and flexible system for pull handles.

    400 Series

    These high-end pull handles come with casted legs and very strong fixation.

    600 Series

    Our brand new range of pull handles. This unique fixing system shortens the time for assembling the door handle.

    600RP Series

    600RP series is our latest range of pull handles with reinforcement plates. A pull handle for an extra high frequency of use and extra strong fixation.

    700 Series

    A series of straight pull handles in stainless steel, with elegant 45° attachments.

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