Door & Window fittings

The small things that matter

Pull handles, hinges, cable transfers, lever handles, and lever bolts are just a few examples of our wide range of door fittings.

Window handles, storm hooks, locks, and hinges are some of the window fittings you will find here.

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ROCA Products

    Door fittings

    All the architectural ironmongery you will need for your door solutions to make your interior complete – whether it’s industrial or residential.

    Window fittings

    ROCA window fittings are known for their solid grip, high quality, and elegant design.


Small items of great significance – little heroes who are experts in enhancing other manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafes, hospitals, shops and homes…

Window handles with endless possibilities

Do you remember building with LEGO as a child? It was possible to create an endless number of models with the same pieces. And so it is with our window handles. We have a variety of “building blocks”.

Finally a lockable lever bolt

Ensuring Fire Protection with ROCA’s Slug 96 Lockable Lever Bolt.

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