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Robust M Folding bracket


Robust M is the smallest bracket in our Robust-series of strong and classic folding brackets. It’s designed for harsh conditions but is perfect for any cramped spaces. It possesses an industrial look with a touch of retro.


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  • Perfect for compact living, boats and cabins, etc
  • Stays locked when folded
  • Longer release arm for easier reach
  • Can withstand loads up to 175 kg
  • Backplate with radius (Ø 25 mm) for assembly to tube or a flat surface
  • Stainless steel (AISI304)

Also available in L (907660) and XL (907665).

P1175 kg
P290 kg
Torque170 Nm


Item noMaterialTreatmentStocked in
907655Stainless steel (AISI304)Electro polishedEurope + Asia
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