Electric equipment

ROCA offers a wide range of electric equipment for marine use including courtesy lights, switches, boat horns, pumps, and cable outlets.

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ROCA Products

    Courtesy lights

    The LED courtesy lights lead the way at night, include built-in driver, smart beam angles, transient protected and polarity proof electric protection. The lights also fulfill IP65 environmental safety standards and feature chrome- plated finish.

    Watertight switches

    Watertight switches by Carling. Choose from switches with or switches without LED illumination. The battery switches fit accumulators up to 250 A/24 V.

    Cable outlets

    Various cable outlets in chrome-plated housing with a rubber gasket that seals around the cable, ensuring waterproof passages through deck. The cable outlets are perfect for coaxial cable to the antenna with varied diameters.

    Boat horns

    ROCA presents compact and reliable signal horns for your boat, made of high quality electropolished stainless steel. These horns include trumpet horns and twin trumpet signal horns that deliver loud and effective sound signals.

    Electric Pumps

    High-capacity electric pumps with low power consumption and automatic float switches that include fuse holder, fuses, and mounting screws as part of the kit.

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