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When small things matter

Small items of great significance for use in glass fittings, doors and
windows, industry, and the marine world. The quality of our products
is evident in both the materials and the design.

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Small items of great significance – little heroes who are experts in enhancing other
manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafes,
hospitals, shops and homes…


A covered latch that saves space

The covered eccentric latches from ROCA save space even in an open position owing to its flat design…

At last – a lockable lever bolt!

Ensuring Fire Protection with ROCA’s Slug 96 Lockable Lever Bolt Closing fire protection doors can…

Nordbygg postponed until April 2021

Nordbygg will be postponed until 20-23 April 2021 instead of April 21-24 as earlier planned….

Will Corona impact your industry?

We made a simple survey in order to see how our customers are coping with the Corona crisis. …

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