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Window fittings

ROCA window fittings are known for their solid grip, high quality, and elegant design.

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ROCA Products

    Window handles

    Our family of window- and balcony door handles is constantly growing and you will find handles for all sorts of windows.


    Window lock SLUG

    Probably the strongest window lock made to fit a Scandinavian oval cylinder, with a “pull to lock” function.

    Window latches

    A classic selection of window latches for coupled and single arched windows.

    Storm hook

    Classic window fittings that keep your side-hung outward window in an open ventilation position.

    Frame connectors

    Our popular classic window fittings for traditional coupled window frames.


    Our unique selection of reliable window hinges in electro-polished acid-proof stainless steel.

    Lever bolts

    Lever bolts and frame bushing for windows. With the flat or round bar for very small cutouts.


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