Glass fittings & hardware

Discover our wide range of smart quality fittings for glass doors, systems for railings and sliding doors and our solutions for shower screens and doors.

ROCA Products

    Aluminum profiles & glass door hardware

    Decibel profile systems allow you to build sound-reducing glass partitions or glass doors.

    Prestige shower hardware - NEW!

    A curated selection of exclusive shower glass hardware and fittings with concealed fixings for a clean and exclusive look.

    Signature shower hardware

    Our wide range of shower hinges, hardware, and accessories offers a perfect blend of form and function for modern glass showers.

    Sliding doors hardware

    RG-300 is our range of systems with elegant and reliable fittings for sliding doors.

    Patch fittings

    RG-200 Patch fittings are sleek and elegant glass fittings for single doors or double doors with or without fixed glass walls.

    Point fittings

    A series of high-quality point fittings for sliding doors, swing doors, balustrades, glass panels, and much more.

    Door lock system

    A system of premium quality door locks for all kinds of glass doors.

    Tools & supplies

    A wide selection of premium quality tools and supplies for safe and sturdy glass wall mounting

    Glass clamps

    A wide range of slim and reliable glass clamps in acid-proof stainless steel for both interior and exterior glass railings.

    Door closers

    ROCA presents door closers and door holders for glass, wood, and aluminum doors.

    Pull handles for glass hardware

    A wide range of elegant and reliable pull handles for all kinds of glass doors, also sauna doors.


Small items of great significance – little heroes who are experts in enhancing other manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafes, hospitals, shops and homes…

"You can always rely on ROCA quality"

We interviewed the entrepreneur of the Finnish company JVG Laseja Oy, Jari Gustafsson and asked about his experiences with ROCA. "I can't remember ever receiving customer complaints," says a satisfied Jari Gustafsson. Read Jari's thoughts about ROCA and the glazing industry in general in this customer interview.

Sound-reducing glass walls in offices and homes

In today's modern living and working spaces, the desire for open and light-filled environments has led to the increased use of glass walls. Sound-reducing glass walls provide an elegant solution by combining transparency, natural light, and advanced acoustic insulation. This article explores the benefits, design considerations, and applications of sound-reducing glass walls in offices and homes.

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