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Every company has a particular atmosphere that’s discernible as soon as you step over the threshold. At ROCA Industry, our products reflect that atmosphere. Small details that may not be obvious at once. Hinges, handles, brackets, moldings, fittings, locks, and other things that aren’t really noticeable until you use them. That’s when you feel the difference.

The quality of our products is evident in both the materials and the design. They often feature smart solutions that make them safe to use. We manufacture products that last year after year through constant development and rigorous testing. We think that is the foundation for sustainability.

The feel of our products reflects the entire company. Even though we are now in our fifth decade, we continue to be as inquisitive and passionate about development as ever. Always listening to our customers’ needs. Each employee is apt at making quick yet well-informed decisions and maintaining high confidence. Our factories have been part of us for generations; they know exactly how we work and what we want.

ROCA wipers

Hence, we are present worldwide, with head offices in Stockholm (Tyresö) and subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Germany, China, and Taiwan.

Our R&D department is a vital part of our business, where our technicians are equally dedicated to creating customized solutions and developing existing products.

Sometimes, it’s not possible to put a finger on something. But at ROCA, it’s precisely the opposite. You get an exact feeling every time you use one of our products.

ROCA is a process. Do you want to be part of it?

At ROCA, we’re always tuned into our customers’ needs. You may be a manufacturer who’s seeking to enhance a particular product. You may have an idea for ​​an improvement or a new challenge. Sometimes, one of our salespeople brings back a new request.

And that’s often how our development process begins. When our technicians start brainstorming, new designs and improvements will soon materialize as prototypes, which are evaluated, developed further, and rigorously tested in countless durability tests before we send them to production.

However, we don’t stop there; we continue to develop and improve a product and develop related and complementary items in dialogue with the customer and the seller. That’s how we build a product range.

Turning an idea into a product is a speedy process thanks to our swift decision-making, horizontal organization, and close cooperation with our factories.

Listening and understanding, pondering over, and coming up with a solution that is immediately translated into reality may sound simple and obvious. But is it really that simple all the time? Yes – as long as you’re used to working like that and don’t require long detours to make a decision. That’s how we work. Knowledge and decisions are always within close reach. And we are very passionate about what we do.

ROCA Quick Facts
  • ROCA is a family-owned company founded in 1976.
  • Today, we have a total of 50 employees with head offices in Stockholm (Tyresö) and subsidiaries in Denmark, Finland, Germany, China, and Taiwan.
  • Throughout its operations, ROCA works actively to reduce its environmental impact in accordance with ISO 14001:2015. Quality is a keyword that permeates everything we do, and we hold the ISO 9001:2015 certification.
  • In our Code of Conduct, we describe how we want to act in a responsible way in all aspects.
  • In our Business Policy, you can read about quality as a concept, how quality and environmental goals impact our business and how we comply with current environmental laws.
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