Sliding doors hardware

A range of elegant and reliable sliding doors hardware – fittings for sliding doors. Choose from standard, slim, soft-closing, and semi-automatic – all with the same impeccable quality and functionality.

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ROCA Products

    SOFT Compact

    ROCA SOFT Compact is an elegant door profile system for sliding door solutions that require door fittings with small dimensions.


    Meet LINE, a flexible sliding door system with a sleek design and high functionality.


    ROCA Soft is our sleek and easy to use sliding door system which features soft-closing function in both directions.

    Decibel Sliding Door

    Unique and discrete sliding door profiles for sound-insulating and space-saving glass doors.


    ROCA ECO is a sleek and practical sliding door system with a minimalistic design and high functionality.

    Stainless sliding door fittings

    These stainless steel products offer a classic barn door design and can be used on glass or wooden sliding doors. Buy complete kit or make your own set from ROCA’s stainless sliding door collection.

    Standard sliding door fittings

    The RG-300 standard sliding door fittings include clamps, door stoppers, sliding tracks, and more. These fittings are compatible with varying door heights.

    Handles and locks

    ROCA presents a wide variety of pull handles and locks, along with high-quality bowl handles and fittings for glass sliding doors and swing doors. They are suitable for 6 - 10 mm toughened glass and are available in various textures and materials including anodized natural and black aluminum.

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