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W12 System

The W12 is a waterproof windshield wiper system with an easily adjustable sweep and parking position. Just as stylish as it is functional. Fits perfect in all kinds of boats and can be mounted both outside and inside.

The W12 wiper motor can also be used in land-based vehicles such as forklifts, construction, agriculture, military, forest harvesting, street sweepers, or wherever you need a small compact and efficient wiper system.

It is really easy to change the sweep angle and parking position on the W12 wiper motor. See our video below.

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    • 2 Speed, self-parking
    • Heavy-duty motor, 12 Nm
    • Driveshaft in stainless steel
    • Adjustable sweep angle: 45 – 110°
    • CE approved; EMC protected
    • Spray proof IP65
    • Insulated ground for metal, plastic and wooden boats
    • Powers up to 610 mm x 560 mm /24″ x 22″ arm/blade combinations

    Instructional Videos

    • W12 wiper motor - Changing the sweep angle
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