Decibel aluminum frames

Decibel is a system of aluminum frames that allows you to build sound-reducing glass partitions or glass partition walls that function as room dividers. It is great for opening up a room and creating open, airy, yet quiet, work environments.

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ROCA Products

    Decibel door frames

    The Decibel slim and sound-reducing aluminum door frames and profiles are available in fixed or optional dimensions and in different colors.

    Decibel door leaves - glass

    Hardened and edge-polished clear glass, suitable for the Decibel aluminum glass wall profiles and door frames.

    Decibel El-zone

    Decibel El-zone is our unique solution for hiding the electrical wiring and network cabling in a sound-reducing Decibel glass door.

    Decibel thresholds

    ROCA Decibel slim and elegant sound-reducing thresholds in various sizes and different materials.

    Decibel lock fittings

    All the lock fittings you will need for your ROCA Decibel sound-reducing glass wall solutions.

    Decibel ideas for lock solutions

    A range of smart electrical or battery-operated locking solutions for your Decibel glass door.

    Decibel fittings packages

    Assembly kits with all the fittings needed for completing your ROCA Decibel glass wall solution.

    Other Decibel fittings

    Make your ROCA Decibel glass wall solutions complete. Here you will find all the hinges, door closers, and other accessories for a perfect result.

    Decibel services

    We also provide services for your ROCA Decibel aluminum frames.

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