Decibel profile systems

Decibel is a system of aluminum profiles and fittings that allows you to build sound-reducing glass partitions or glass doors. It is great for opening up a room and creating open and airy, yet quiet, work and living areas.

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    Decibel glass wall, black mullion
    • Sound reduction up to 35 dB
    • Easy mounting
    • Stable construction
    • Slim and elegant design

    Design your own glass wall or glass door

    With our 3D configurators, you can easily draw a glass wall or glass door yourself, see the price and order your solution directly online.

    Use the glass wall configurator to build a complete glass wall.
    Use the glass door configurator if you just want to build a glass door and test it with different variations, fittings, and door closers.


     Glass wall configurator  Glassdoor configurator
     Glass configurator-wall

    Instructional Videos

    • Decibel Standard installation
    • Decibel Sliding door installation

ROCA Products

    Decibel Standard

    Elegantly designed, flexible, and desired by many customers – the Decibel aluminum profiles for standard single and double doors.

    Decibel Sliding Door

    Unique and discrete sliding door profiles for sound-insulating and space-saving glass doors.

    Decibel Edge

    New product under development!

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