Aluminum profiles & glass door hardware

Decibel is ROCA Industry’s series of aluminum frames and profiles that allow you to build sound-reducing glass partitions or doors. The Decibel systems create open, airy, quiet work and living areas.

Decibel Standard and Decibel Edge have the same sound-reducing capacity. Feel free to download our guide, which explains the difference between Decibel Edge and Decibel Standard.

Thanks to the Decibel Sliding Door, you don’t have to compromise on sound reduction by using a sliding door.

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    Decibel glass wall, black mullion
    • Sound reduction up to 35 dB
    • Easy mounting
    • Stable construction
    • Slim and elegant design


    Design your own glass wall or glass door.

    With our 3D configurators, you can quickly draw a glass wall or glass door yourself, see the price, and order your solution directly online.


    Use the glass wall configurator to build a complete glass wall.
    Use the glass door configurator to build a glass door and test it with different variations, fittings, and door closers.


     Glass wall configurator  Glassdoor configurator 


    Not only are our products easy to install, but they’re also deficient in maintenance. With our user-friendly installation process and low-maintenance design, you can have your glass walls up and running quickly.

    Instructional Videos

    • Decibel Standard installation
    • Decibel Sliding door installation

ROCA Products

    Decibel Standard

    Elegantly designed, flexible, and desired by many customers – the Decibel aluminum profiles for standard single and double doors. Feel free to download our guide which explains the difference between Decibel Edge and Decibel Standard.

    Decibel Edge

    A sleek aluminum door frame in an edgy design. Decibel Edge is designed to seamlessly integrate into your space, providing a clean and modern look. Feel free to download our guide which explains the difference between Decibel Edge and Decibel Standard.

    Decibel Sliding Door

    Unique and discrete sliding door profiles for sound-insulating and space-saving glass doors.

    Decibel glass

    Tempered 10 mm glass panes and door leaves for the Decibel door frames and aluminum profiles.



    We also provide services for your aluminum profiles and door frames.


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