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You don’t have to think about how to optimize your marine space in a sophisticated way, we’ve done it for you. Whether you want to boost your space on deck or upgrade your room inside, we’ve made sure that the details you need will work smoothly and won’t interrupt that special and magical feeling that only can be felt when boating.

To make sure we meet your needs, our best-selling folding brackets come in two editions: Rakego and Robust. Which one you end up with, is a matter of taste rather than function. Both series are thoroughly developed. We’ve made them as functional as possible to make sure both can be adjusted to your specific needs.

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ROCA Products


    Our Rakego folding bracket can be used virtually anywhere on a boat – both in the cramped boat berth and on deck.


    Robust is a strong and flexible folding bracket, perfect for harsh conditions.

    Other brackets

    A range of brackets from the tiniest angle bracket to heavy-duty folding brackets that can hold up to 4000 Ibs.

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