Prestige shower hardware - NEW!

A curated selection of exclusive shower glass hardware and fittings with concealed fixings for a clean and exclusive look.
These meticulously crafted shower wall accessories are available in different finishes: chrome, matte black, and some also in gold.Prestige shower wall-gold-in context

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ROCA Products

    Prestige shower hinges

    Meticulously crafted shower door hinges with concealed fixings for a clean and exclusive look.

    Prestige shower clamps

    Exclusive glass clamps in black or chrome-plated brass for elegant and safe shower walls.

    Prestige glass wall profiles

    Slim and elegant glass wall profiles in chome or gold for exclusive shower wall installations.

    Prestige shower wall stabilizers

    Prestige shower wall stabilizers for safe, strong, and exclusive shower designs.

    Prestige sliding door

    Exclusive sliding door hardware and fittings for elegant shower designs.

    Prestige door knobs & pull handles

    A selection of shower door knobs and handles featuring high-quality materials and elegant surface treatments.

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