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Easy Release for Robust


The Easy Release for Robust enables you to easily release two or three Robust brackets on a wider installation/shelf, using only one hand.


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An accessory handle kit for 2 or 3 Robust brackets. Fastenings to the shelf/table are not included.

Easy Release for Robust can also be set up with a child safety device that requires an extra slide of the folding handle before folding.

For a complete installation, tubes and Robust brackets must be purchased separately.

The tubes are available in different lengths, see variations below.


Item noMaterialTreatmentDescriptionStocked in
907560AluminumAnodized naturalSet for 2 bracketsEurope
907561AluminumAnodized naturalSet for 3 bracketsEurope
907568AluminumAnodized naturalTube 1000mm
907573AluminumAnodized naturalTube 2000mm
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