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Reliable hinges in all shapes and sizes for all kinds of applications.

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    Lift off hinges

    All kinds of lift-off hinges - pivot bearing and non-pivot bearing.

    Joint and hatch hinges

    Joint and hatch hinges

    • Security shaft
    • Dual angle joint
    • Ground shaft for smooth operation
    Butt hinges

    Piano hinges

    We stock piano hinges in stainless steel, polished brass and nickel plated brass. Apart from standard models we can offer you special length´s and hole distances, non holed versions, etc. Get in touch with us for further information. C = CURL PARTITION C-C =HOLE DISTANCE L = LENGTH

    Table hinges

    Coachwork hinges

    COACHWORK HINGES We make more and more kinds of coachwork hinges in stainless steel from 2 mm gauge up to 4 mm. No design limitations. 1 WELDED CURL FOR GREATER STRENGTH 2 COMBINATION COUNTERSUNK FOR SCREW OR CARRIAGE BOLT 3 DETACHABLE SHAFT. SECURED WITH A RING 4 BLADE

    Glass hinges