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Teak accessories

Both tradition and aesthetics can be reasons to have boat accessories in teak, but it is also in other respects an ideal material for boats. The greasy and hard wood can withstand extreme temperature differences, harsh weather, fungal and insect infestations.

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Small items of great significance – little heroes that are experts in enhancing other manufacturers’ products in kitchens, bathrooms, hospitals, boats, caravans, cafés, hospitals, shops and homes…

[Video] "The boat is 40 procent complete"

Woodwork teacher Pär Wahlgren continues his project to build a Pettersson boat by hand from 1934. The work is clearly progressing and the boat is starting to take shape - but the schedule has had to be revised... Watch the video about how things are going for Pär.

ROCA Industry is settings sails for METSTRADE 2023

Like each november every year, the METSTRADE trade show will open it's gates in Amsterdam. ROCA Industry is exhibiting once again and will show a selection of quality products. Among them, a novelty that we've been working on the last months.

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