W38 System

The W38 wiper system is a strong and flexible windshield wiper motor for the very big front windows on a modern boat.

It’s also the perfect solution for any land-based vehicles where you need a sustainable and reliable wiper system.

The W38 wiper motor powers up to 900 mm / 35″ arm/blade combination.

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    • 38 Nm torque
    • Powers up to 900 mm / 35” arms and blades
    • Adjustable sweep angle: 45 – 110°
    • Dynamic parking, left or right
    • Two-speed: slow 35 sweeps/min; fast 55 sweeps/min
    • Voltage Input: 12 or 24 VDC
    • EMC-protected
    • Driveshaft in stainless steel
    • Insulated ground for metal, GRP, and wooden boats
    • Pantograph or pendulum arms

    Instructional Videos

    • Change sweep angle
    • Change parking position


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[FAQ] Wiper systems for landbased & heavy-duty vehicles

As Sales Manager for our product range of wiper systems, I get questions about how to choose the right product. This especially when it comes to landbased vehicles, e.g. heavy-duty vehicles. Here I list the most common questions.

CT41 - new wiper control for low-power wiper motors

A simple and easy to install wiper control tailored for low-power wiper motors, this is the new CT41. What distinguishes the model is that all electronic components are in the same unit as the control panel. 

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