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Locks & latches

A wide range of high-quality locks and latches with a focus on function, design, and reliability.

Slam latches, compression latches, lift handles, barrel bolts, door holders, and much more, for the marine industry.

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ROCA Products


    If you are looking for compression latches, slam latches or relevant accessories, look no further. We offer a wide selection of innovative and high quality latches which will keep your hatches dry while at the same time looking good.

    Lift handles

    ROCA offers a wide range of strong and durable lift handles and pull-rings. Just dive in and have a look – we know you’ll find the perfect fit for your boat.

    Eccentric latches

    A wide range of slim and durable eccentric latches for the industrial and the maritime sector.

    Door holders

    Always keep your doors in place with our broad range of door holders. Many designs of door holders and safety-hasps for different applications are available. 

    Barrel bolts

    Secure your windows, latches and cabinets with our wide selection of barrel bolts. We offer many different sizes, designs and treatments.

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