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W10 System

The W10 is a reliable and elegant windshield wiper system for indoor mounting.

The easy adjustment of the sweep angle and telescopic wiper arm along with the pressure that’s exactly adapted to the windscreen angle, guarantee the best possible wiping effect.

The W10 wiper motor powers up to 610 mm / 560 mm,  24″/ 22″ arm and blade combination.

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    • 10 Nm torque
    • Powers up to 610 mm / 560 mm /24″ x 22″ arm/blade combinations
    • Adjustable sweep angle: 40 – 110°
    • Self-parking – Left or Right
    • Two speeds: Slow 35 sweeps/min and fast 55 sweeps/min
    • 12 or 24 VDC
    • CE approved; EMC protected
    • Driveshaft in stainless steel
    • Insulated ground for metal, plastic and wooden boats
    • Pantograph or pendulum arms
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