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ROCA offers a wide range of hinges in stainless steel for all kinds of applications. The electropolished mirror-like finish will protect the surface against corrosion in any harsh environment.

Our hinges come in all shapes, styles, and barrel configurations.

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ROCA Products

    Lift off hinges

    ROCA delivers lift off hinges, including pivot bearing and non-pivot bearing hinges, with various types that fit in between frame joint and door joint.

    Joint and hatch hinges

    Joint and hatch hinges from ROCA include butt hinges made of electropolished stainless steel, and friction hinges that eliminate the need for gas shocks or hatch springs in varied applications in different sizes, leveraging patented technology from GEM.

    Butt hinges

    Butt hinges are available in a slim and discrete form in electropolished stainless steel, providing essential detail for small doors, hatches, and lockers on your boat.

    Piano hinges

    ROCA offers different kinds of high-quality piano hinges in stainless steel, polished brass, and nickel-plated brass. These include a collection beyond stated types, in various sizes, materials and surface treatments.

    Table hinges

    ROCA offers a variety of table hinges in chrome-plated, polished, or satin-polished brass. Some hinges are also made of electropolished stainless steel.

    Heavy duty hatch hinges

    Heavy duty hatch hinges from ROCA feature welded curl and removable shaft that is durable enough for withstanding harsh environments.

    Special hinges

    Special hinges for special applications, crafted with precision in strong materials.


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