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W50 System

The W50 wiper system is made for the toughest conditions. Thanks to its strong and robust design it’s the perfect match for any yacht where you need a very long arm and blade for the big front window. Thus, this big wiper is also the ideal solution for windshields on trains.

Safe and user-friendly with a bulletproof sweep and pressure, the W50 is a windshield wiper system designed to last for years and years.

The W50 motor can easily power up to 1 200 mm / 47″ arm/blade combination.

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    • 50 Nm torque
    • Powers up to 1 200 mm / 47″ arms and blades
    • Easily adjustable sweep angle 45-110°
    • Self-parking Left or Right
    • Two speeds: Slow 30 sweeps/min and fast 47 sweeps/min
    • Voltage Input: 12 or 24 VDC
    • CE approved; EMC protected
    • Driveshafts in stainless steel
    • Insulated ground for metal, GRP, and wooden chassis

    Instructional Videos

    • How to change the sweep angle
    • Changing the parking position
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