W50 System

The W50 wiper system is made for the toughest conditions. Thanks to its strong and robust design it’s the perfect match for any yacht where you need a very long arm and blade for the big front window. Thus, this big wiper is also the ideal solution for windshields on trains.

Safe and user-friendly with a bulletproof sweep and pressure, the W50 is a windshield wiper system designed to last for years and years.

The W50 motor can easily power up to 1100 mm / 43″ arm/blade combination.

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    • 50 Nm torque
    • Powers up to 1100 mm / 43″ arms and blades
    • Adjustable sweep angle: 45 – 110°
    • Self-parking, left or right
    • Two-speed: slow 30 sweeps/min; fast 47 sweeps/min
    • Voltage input: 12 or 24 VDC
    • EMC-protected
    • Insulated ground for metal, GRP, and wooden chassis
    • Driveshafts in stainless steel

    Instructional Videos

    • How to change the sweep angle
    • Changing the parking position


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“We have no reason to try another wiper system”

A collaboration built on communication and trust, not least because of the W50 wiper system, which can withstand extreme conditions. This is how Nancy Bullert from R&D Panzerglas describes her company's cooperation with ROCA Industry, which has existed for over 10 years. 

The wiper motors of the future must be energy efficient

There is a lot going on in the windshield wiper motor market. New technologies are being developed to, among other things, reduce the engines' energy consumption. We spoke with Karl Svensson, who evaluated the market for wiper motors on our behalf and gave recommendations for future product development.

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