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Marine fittings

We work to make sure that all the details on your boat work smoothly so that you can just enjoy the moment. We develop and produce all kinds of premium-quality marine fittings like Moorings, Deckfillers, Thru-hull fittings, Handles, Locks & Latches, Hinges, Vents, and also some electric equipment.

ROCA Products

    Teak accessories

    Both tradition and aesthetics can be reasons to have boat accessories in teak, but it is also in other respects an ideal material for boats.


    Marine applications should also fit the design of your boat. A selection of our products is also available in black.

    Boat cleats & bow-eyes

    Reliable high-quality boat cleats and bow eyes for safe mooring.


    Discover our wide selection of high-quality deck fillers for different areas of applications.


    Boat handles & grab bars

    A wide range of stylish high-quality handles and handrails for all kinds of applications on your boat.

    Boat hinges

    ROCA offers a wide range of premium quality hinges in stainless steel for marine applications.

    Boat locks & marine latches

    A wide range of high-quality locks and latches with focus on function, design, and reliability.

    Marine vents

    Get rid of damp, mold, petrol vapour and unpleasant odours on your boat with the help of our premium quality marine vents.

    Folding brackets

    Our best-selling folding brackets come in two editions – Rakego and Robust. Which one you choose is just a matter of taste.


    Boat electrics

    ROCA offers a generous range of reliable electric equipment for use in marine applications.

    Other marine fittings

    Still haven’t found what you’re looking for? Here you’ll find more premium quality marine equipment from ROCA Industry.

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