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Folding brackets

Uniquely designed with smart details, our foldable brackets make the perfect companion in all kinds of applications and environments – from kitchen hardware to hospital trolleys and big yachts, from a local convenience store to a private home or an office.

Shelf brackets that are easy on the eye and to use, can withstand heavy loads and will last for years.

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ROCA Products

    Regal folding brackets - NEW!

    The Regal folding bracket in aluminum is really easy to install and has a noise-free operation.

    Rakego folding brackets

    A unique, slim and strong folding bracket that can be used everywhere – also in harsh environments.

    Robust folding brackets

    A strong folding bracket in a clean retro design, suitable also for harsh environments.

    Other brackets

    ROCA offers a series of heavy duty brackets that are strong and robust inclusive of folding brackets, angle brackets, and hatch supports.

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