Lever handles

Among ROCA:s wide range of high-quality lever handles you will find modern tubular handles in stainless steel and classic handles in massive chrome-plated brass.

You will also find all the accessories necessary for that ultimate door solution – ball handles, blind rosettes, and key rosettes. All – of course – in the same impeccable quality.

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ROCA Products

    Standard tubular handles

    Sleek and reliable standard tubular handles for modern interior doors.

    Massive lever handles

    A selection of massive lever handles, easy to install and use. Available in a variety of styles and finishes (solid brass or zamac).

    Ball knobs

    Doorknobs and rosettes in satin-polished stainless steel.

    Lever handle accessories

    Key rosettes and blind rosettes, toilet thumb turns, screw kits, and spindles. Here you will find all the necessary accessories to complete your door lever handles.

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