Lars Wänglund

"Proof that I as a product developer did well"

Take a look behind the scenes at ROCA and read the story about the new folding console Regal. How was it developed? What challenges arose during the project? We had a chat with Lars Wänglund, the mastermind behind the product.

Ivan Calic

Likes the product range and ROCA's fast deliveries

In just a few years, ROCA Industry has become one of Ekströms Glas' most important suppliers of glass fittings. The reason for this development is ROCA's growing product range, excellent customer service and fast deliveries. This according to Ivan Calic, Business Area Manager for glass, interior design and premium products at Ekströms Glas.

Heavy-duty vehicle, bild av Pixabay

[FAQ] Wiper systems for landbased & heavy-duty vehicles

As Sales Manager for our product range of wiper systems, I get questions about how to choose the right product. This especially when it comes to landbased vehicles, e.g. heavy-duty vehicles. Here I list the most common questions.


„The right product at the right time“

ROCA Industry's hinges can be used for far more than just interior design or boat fittings. One example for this is the German company L.T. Cases. The company has been manufacturing DJ equipment for more than 30 years and uses the Rakego hinge.

Essi Sundman

"Impressed by the passion with which ROCA works"

Lasilinkki Oy, a traditional family business in the glass industry, is one of ROCA's long-term customers. We talked with the company's CEO, Essi Sundman, about cooperation with ROCA.


“Swift cooperation and fast delivery”

As co-owner of Hodneland Bygginnredning, a Norwegian manufacturer of furnishings for commercial buildings, Eivind Hodneland pays close attention to who his company cooperates with. We asked him why he decided to work with ROCA Industry.

Bild av Ulrick Trappschuh

Choosing a wiper system for heavy-duty vehicles in 5 steps

There is a wide range of heavy-duty vehicles operating in very challenging conditions where every component plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance. One often overlooked aspect is the wiper system. Choosing the right wiper system can make all the difference in navigating specialized terrains with precision and safety.

Jari Jukka

"You can always rely on ROCA quality"

We interviewed the entrepreneur of the Finnish company JVG Laseja Oy, Jari Gustafsson and asked about his experiences with ROCA. "I can't remember ever receiving customer complaints," says a satisfied Jari Gustafsson. Read Jari's thoughts about ROCA and the glazing industry in general in this customer interview.

Pär W

[Video] "The boat is 40 procent complete"

Woodwork teacher Pär Wahlgren continues his project to build a Pettersson boat by hand from 1934. The work is clearly progressing and the boat is starting to take shape - but the schedule has had to be revised... Watch the video about how things are going for Pär.


How to install folding brackets for shelves

Shelves are a practical and versatile addition to any living space, offering a place to display cherished items, store books, or even create a functional workspace. But what if you have limited space or want to maintain a clean, minimalist look when the shelves are not in use? This is where folding brackets for shelves come to the rescue. In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the process of installing folding brackets for shelves, allowing you to optimize your space and keep your home organized and clutter-free.

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