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ROCA Industry AB
Radiovägen 19
SE-135 48 Tyresö

Tel: +46 8 448 73 20

VAT no: SE556103390201
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Water proof Windscreen Wiper | W12
2 Speed, self-parking Heavy Duty motor, 12Nm Driveshaft in stainl...
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Pantograph arm
All Stainless steel pantograph arm Fits: W10 and W12 Adjustabel l...
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Wiper arm - Adjustable tip
Fits: W10 and W12 Adjustable length: 12.8-18"/324-460mm or 18-23.3"/454...
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Wiper arm - Standard
All Stainless steel arm Fits:  W10 and W12 Adjustabel lenght: 12...
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Wiper blade
Wiper blade made in Zinc plated steel and anti glare painting. Natural rubber...
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Mounting bracket | W12
Bracket to make W12 motors fit to W10 mounting holes.
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Spray kit for arms | W10 & W12
Nozzle and attachment will be mounted on the wiper arm. Will be delivered wit...
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