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By: Ivy Paige Altomare, MD

  • Associate Professor of Medicine


This could be performed through a longitudinal incision much like buy discount stendra super force 30mg line erectile dysfunction drugs injection the one made for a carpal tunnel release and will systematically contain exposure of the nerve proximally from the level of the distal forearm extending distal to buy stendra super force 60 mg without prescription erectile dysfunction doctor visit the bifurcation. An incision is marked one cm ulnar to the thenar crease and a curvilinear incision (or a zig-zag one) is made parallel to the thenar crease approximately three-4 cm long. As dissection is carried through the soft tissues, care must be taken to preserve the cutaneous branch that extends from the ulnar nerve to the skin in 15 % of individuals. Guyon’s canal is opened, the hook of hamate is palpated and the ulnar nerve is identified deep and medial to the ulnar vascular bundle. The neurovascular bundle is retracted to identify the deep motor branch of the ulnar nerve. At the proximal leading edge of the hypothenar muscles, 1-2 mm of the deep motor branch could be identified because it curves around the hook of hamate. The muscle is then fastidiously divided to expose the motor branch, releasing it utterly around the hook of hamate. The ulnar nerve is launched in Guyon’s canal and the incision could be prolonged proximal to the wrist to release the antebrachial fascia. The incision is closed with interrupted sutures and a non stick dressing is utilized with a fiberglass volar splint. The dressing is removed 2-5 days after the surgery and the hand therapist, through exercises, guides the patient to full range of motion. Sutures are removed 10-14 days postoperatively and the patient can return to full duties 6-eight weeks after surgery. Quantitation of and landmarks for the muscular branches of the ulnar nerve to the forearm for application in peripheral nerve neurotisation procedures. The strain measurement within the ulnar nerve: a contribution to the pathophysiology of the cubital tunnel syndrome. American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine, American Academy of Neurology, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Practice parameter for electrodiagnostic research in ulnar neuropathy at the elbow:summary assertion. Ulnar neuropathy at the elbow: comply with-up and prognostic factors determining consequence. Incidence of re-operation and subjective consequence following in situ decompression of the ulnar nerve at the cubital tunnel. Effects of compression and devascularization on ulnar nerve perform: A quantitative research of regional blood move and nerve conduction in monkeys. Median nerve the median nerve comprises of the terminal divisions of medial and lateral cords of brachial plexus. Throughout its route, it provides off no branches at the arm stage, however dis tally at medial epicondyle, an evolutionary remnant, the supracondylar process with the attached ligament of Struthers, could be a attainable website of median nerve compression. The median nerve grossly branches into three major components: the anterior, the posterior and the medial fascicular groups of branches (Figure 1). The anterior fascicular group of branches is the first group that emerges from the median nerve trunk they usually innervate the pronator teres and flexor carpi radialis musc les. The medial fascicular group continues its way to hand and innervates the thenar muscles as we as offering sensation to the volar side of thumb, index and long fingers and the radial half of the ring finger. At the proximal forearm stage the median nerve passes beneath the bicipital aponeurosis. Before coming into the carpal tunnel the pal mar cutaneous nerve branches off to innervate the radial palmar skin area. Finally, the median nerve innervates the thenar muscles through the thenar branch and then the nerve provides the hand with skin innervation as described. Anatomically, the attainable sites of compression of the median nerve, except at the carpal tunnel stage, are: at the ligament of Struthers, at the bicipital aponeurosis, at the passage through the pronator teres muscle and at the arch of the superficial flexor muscle (Figure 2). The pronator syndrome and the selective affection of the anterior interosseous nerve. Patients with the pronator syndrome complain about pain at proximal volar forearm stage, usually provoked with professional and supination, with the pain radiating to the radial fingers within the hand, and will mimic a carpal tunnel syndrome. Since these situations may share the same symptoms as pain and paraesthesia kind of in the same areas, it could possibly be difficult to differ two entities. A viral neuritis (Parsonage-Turner syndrome) of the brachial plexus, traumatic or inflammatory ruptures. Unfortunately, the reply to the question “how long ought to we conservatively treat the patient till surgery? Timing of the surgical intervention and period of “wait and see” appro ach with conservative treatment is still controversial and mentioned within the literature. The nerve courses through the triangular house at the axilla and passes alongside the spiral groove of the humerus. It passes through the posterior compartment and pierces the lateral intermuscular septum and enters the anterior compartment of the arm. Radial tunnel and posterior interosseous nerve syndrome the radial tunnel is 6-eight cm long, where the radiocapitellar joint capsule varieties its floor. In a partial lesion, the symptoms may vary in accordance with the positioning of the affected nerve. As differential diagnoses, an extensor tendon rupture, brachial plexus lesions, cervi cal discopathies, and viral neuritis must be thought of. A local injection of corticosteroids and native anaesthetic may be used with the aim to diagnose and treat radial tunnel syndrome. Conservative treatment for a minimum of three months ought to be tried and if no enchancment is observed surgery may be indicated.

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Probable explanations include polymor­ some area buy stendra super force online erectile dysfunction in the young, due to a rise in chromo­ phisms in the nondeleted copies of genes in the some 7 mispairing events during meiosis 30mg stendra super force mastercard erectile dysfunction treatment karachi. The ef­ the first care physician stays the principal fects of hemizygosity (in which only one member provider and care coordinator for sufferers with of a gene pair, somewhat than the usual two, is pres­ Williams–Beuren syndrome. Current administration ent) have been inferred from the examine of sufferers tips are based on expert opinion somewhat than with atypical deletions and mouse models that prospectively collected knowledge. Treatment entails a both overexpress or underexpress genes of in­ mixture of medical monitoring, anticipatory terest. The Williams–Beuren syndrome chromo­ steering, direct therapies, pharmacotherapy, sur­ some area in humans and its corresponding gery, and adaptive modifications. Single­gene–knock­ and carrying footwear with hook­and­loop closures out mice and a brand new multigene­knockout mouse somewhat than shoelaces). None of the obtainable model, in which all genes in the Williams–Beuren therapies are curative. Examples of therapies syndrome chromosome area are simultaneously with particular modifications for Williams–Beuren deleted, could further outline each gene’s position and syndrome are highlighted below; a more global whether chosen phenotypes require combinato­ synthesis of administration tips is presented rial lack of a number of genes. Williams–Beuren syndrome may be viewed as Despite genetic advances, the considerable phe­ a polyendocrine dysfunction with potential contain­ notypic variability noticed amongst sufferers with ment of all endocrine organs. Human Genes That Are Hemizygous in Patients with Williams–Beuren Syndrome with a Putative Effect on Phenotype. Given the high some families decide to reversibly delay menarche prevalence of glucose intolerance, adults with with the use of a gonadotropin­releasing hormone Williams–Beuren syndrome ought to undergo rou­ agonist similar to leuprolide. There are a number of remedy options for hy­ agent or insulin beneath careful medical supervision percalcemia, starting from dietary calcium restric­ n engl j med 362;3 nejm. The complexity the presence or absence of emotional and psy­ arises from the deletion of more than two dozen chiatric points largely determines the quality of genes in the Williams–Beuren syndrome chromo­ life for adults with Williams–Beuren syndrome. Microdeletion syndromes of­ adults are being treated or have been treated with fer highly effective opportunities for learning genotype– an anxiolytic agent. In the case of Williams– tonin­reuptake inhibitor is the preliminary drug of Beuren syndrome, such examine has been particularly selection, despite the fact that reviews of efficacy are anec­ profitable, linking the deletion of an elastin al­ dotal. Less progress has been appear particularly sensitive to the disinhibiting made in drawing connections between features of results of these medicine, so remedy must be the neurodevelopmental prof ile and specif ic genes even handed. Other agents, including antipsychotic within the Williams–Beuren syndrome chromo­ medicine, are sometimes prescribed, however to date some area. Patients sights into causation and potential therapies of with relatively robust verbal skills could benefit from overlapping disorders occurring sporadically in counseling, including the apply of rest the final population. Finding Association for growth of the Williams Syndrome Patient and Clinical Research Registry (see the Supplementary Appen­ appropriately skilled therapists keen to dix). No other potential conflict of curiosity related to this arti­ evaluate and deal with sufferers with Williams–Beuren cle was reported. Sibel Kant­ grownup­oriented medical providers may be downside­ arci of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, for kindly providing the image in Figure 1A; Drs. Yiping Shen, Bai­Lin Wu, atic, probably leading to fragmented, subopti­ and David Miller of Children’s Hospital, Boston, for kindly pro­ mal care. Tal Geva of Children’s Hospi­ in addition to potential solutions, are mentioned else­ tal, Boston, for providing the pictures of supravalvular aortic 94 stenosis in Figure 2E and 2F; and the Williams Syndrome As­ where. The Internet is an more and more priceless sociation for help in obtaining pictures for publica­ device, not only for identifying assets regarding tion and the families who kindly provided them. Prevalence estimation of Williams syn­ es, with a consideration of the possible pearance. Idiopathic hypercalcemia of infancy, valvular aortic stenosis in association with 7. Cardiol Young 2000; with intravenously administered pamidro­ drome: the transplacental results of vita­ 10:597­602. Pediatr Radiol ship between vitamin D and the craniofa­ one other explanation for arterial hypertension. Williams syndrome: autosomal dominant cular lesions in the Williams­Beuren syn­ forty one. Garabedian M, Jacqz E, Guillozo H, et port of a large family and review of the the mystery? Multisystem examine of 20 older adults a developmental dysfunction, Williams syn­ profil bei Patienten mit Williams­Beuren­ with Williams syndrome. Clin Gen­ Developmental adaptation of the mouse Screening for osteoporosis in neighborhood­ et 1984;25:422­8. Clinical manifestations and molecu­ hypothyroidism in children and adoles­ Genet 2002;39:554­8. Molecular and scientific correlation examine of berty, and bone maturation in children 19. Am J Hum Genet 1996; cumference charts for British children and aortic stenosis in Williams­Beuren 59:781­ninety two. The center infantile hypercalcemia associated with Nat Rev Neurosci 2006;7:380­93. Genotype­phenotype cor­ of children with Williams­Beuren syn­ Age­associated reminiscence modifications in adults relations in Williams­Beuren syndrome. Baltimore: Johns more: Johns Hopkins University Press, with Williams syndrome: preliminary examine Hopkins University Press, 2006:59­82. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Univer­ J Med Genet B Neuropsychiatr Genet Two high throughput technologies to de­ sity Press, 2006:125­43. Anxiety, fears, and pho­ Williams­Beuren syndrome sufferers with administration of medical issues in adults bias in individuals with Williams syndrome.

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An 18-year-outdated girl is seen in clinic for signs of shortness of breath on exertion buy stendra super force pills in toronto hard pills erectile dysfunction. Her past health history is noncontributory except for an appendectomy at the age of 8 cheap 30 mg stendra super force with mastercard erectile dysfunction medicine in dubai. The blood pressure is one hundred twenty/70 mm Hg, heart rate is eighty/min and regular, and respiratory rate is 12/min. Auscultation of the center reveals an increased depth of the pulmonary part of the second heart sound. A 22-year-outdated girl is evaluated within the emergency department because of signs of prolonged palpitations. She complains of no associated chest discomfort, shortness of breath, or lightheadedness. On physical examination, the blood pressure is one hundred ten/70 mm Hg, heart rate is one hundred sixty/min and regular. A seventy three-year-outdated man is seen within the workplace for assessment of latest-onset chest ache and shortness of breath on exertion. On examination, the blood pressure is one hundred forty/90 mm Hg, heart rate is 60/min and cardiac auscultation reveals a murmur. He is shipped for a coronary angiogram and it reveals noncritical stenosis of the coronary arteries. After a quick episode of disorientation lasting lower than a minute she was again to her baseline. Physical examination reveals a blood pressure of one hundred ten/95 mm Hg, heart rate of eighty/min, and a harsh systolic ejection murmur heard finest at the base of the center and radiating to each carotids. Auscultation of the second heart sound at the base may reveal which of the following findings? A 69-year-outdated girl is dropped at the emergency department complaining of straightforward fatigue and one episode of syncope. She was feeling well until the day of presentation and reports no chest ache, fever, cough, or shortness of breath. Her past medical history is critical for angina, hypertension, and dyslipidemia. A fifty seven-year-outdated man presents to the emergency department with a 1-day history of chest ache and shortness of breath. A 28-year-outdated man presents to the hospital feeling unwell for weeks with new signs of fever, chills, and night sweats. He reports no cough, sputum, or dysuria, and his past medical history is unfavorable for essential co-morbidities. Pertinent findings on physical examination are a blood pressure of one hundred twenty/70 mm Hg heart rate of one hundred/min, and temperature of 38. He is admitted to the hospital for additional investigations, and two days later the blood cultures are constructive for viridans group streptococci in multiple units. Which of the following cardiac lesions has the best threat of creating endocarditis? A forty seven-year-outdated girl presents to the emergency department with signs of latest-onset transient proper arm weakness and word-discovering difficulty lasting three hours. She can also be experiencing exertional dyspnea, and had a syncopal event 1 month ago. Physical examination reveals regular very important indicators, and no residual focal neurological deficits. A seventy two-year-outdated girl involves the emergency department complaining of palpitations and dyspnea. Her drugs are enalapril, hydrochlorothiazide, simvastatin, and acetaminophen. She is hemodynamically steady with a blood pressure of one hundred fifty five/90 mm Hg, but is experiencing palpitations. Which of the following medication is the best intravenous selection for controlling the center rate? Several of the older sufferers in your follow intend to pursue exercise packages. In these sufferers, which of the following finest describes exercise electrocardiography? A 58-year-outdated man is undergoing cardiac catheterization for evaluation of chest ache signs. He is nervous concerning the dangers, and as part of acquiring knowledgeable consent, you advise him concerning the dangers and benefits of the process. A 23-year-outdated man develops sharp left-sided chest ache and presents to the workplace for evaluation. He reports having flu like sickness 1 week prior to presentation with fevers, chills, and myalgias. On physical examination, the blood pressure is one hundred thirty/seventy five mm Hg, heart rate is 92/min, and cardiac auscultation reveals a friction rub heard at the lower left sternal border, unaffected by respiration. A seventy two-year-outdated girl with angina and heart failure undergoes proper and left cardiac catheterization. The pulmonary capillary “wedge” pressure is an approximation of the pressure during which of the following constructions? A 58-year-outdated man with hypertension is dropped at the emergency room after sudden-onset chest ache that radiates to his again and arms. Cardiac examination reveals a gentle second heart sound and a murmur of aortic insufficiency. Which of the following is probably the most appropriate subsequent step in confirming the analysis?

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Patient rated end result measures are greatest to buy stendra super force in india erectile dysfunction kya hai calibrate how far from normal the patient remains a very long time after nerve damage and surgical procedure order 60 mg stendra super force free shipping impotence at 75. Comprehensive end result evaluation ought to handle the1 site of surgical procedure,2 re-connection to end organs,three function recovery and4 secondary results. A Study of the Relative Responsiveness of Five Sensibility Tests for Assessment of Recovery after Median Nerve Injury and Repair. Validity and Responsiveness of the Patient Evaluation Measure as an Outcome Measure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. The reliability, validity and ease of use of the patient analysis measure, the disabilities of the arm, shoulder and hand and the michigan hand end result measure. Assessing the outcome of problems of the hand Is the patient analysis measure reliable, legitimate, responsive and without bias? Age-Dependent Development Of Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Allodynia and Sensory Recovery after Upper Limb Nerve Injury in Chil dren. Cold Intolerance Following Peripheral Nerve Injury: Natural historical past and elements predicting severity of signs. Cold intolerance following me dian and ulnar nerve injuries: prognosis and predictors. Effect of higher extremity nerve harm on activity participation, ache, despair, and high quality of life. Biomedical and psychoso cial elements related to disability after peripheral nerve damage. Rate of regeneration in human peripheral nerves: Analysis of the interval be tween damage and onset of recovery. Clinical worth of electrodiagnostic testing following restore of pe ripheral nerve lesions: a prospective study. Clinical worth of electrodiagnostic testing following restore of peripheral nerve lesions: a prospective study. All these situations have in widespread not solely ache, but additionally a bent to turn out to be continual, loss of function, resistance to normal analgesics and are related to reduced high quality of life. Different attempts to deal with painful neuromas have been accomplished in the past, however the great numbers of articles that may be found within the literature testify for the absence of consensus. Many different methods have been proposed and the preference remains to be primarily based on private experiences and on the background of the treating specialist with neurologist and ache specialists preferring a medical approach and surgeon the surgical one. It is our opinion that a multidisciplinary approach with contribution of a hand surgeon, a neurologist and a ache specialist is fundamental to obtain the absolute best results. Elliot1 identifies three primary pathological entities: end neuromas, neuromas in-continuity and scar tethered nerves. The first one happens on the stump of a severed nerve and is the results of ineffective nerve regeneration. Neuromas in-continuity is the results of a partial nerve damage or of a partial recovery after a lesion or a nerve reconstruction. The latter are the results of adhesions to a scarred bed that fix the nerve and expose it to steady irritation via joint actions or tendon gliding. Uncontrolled spontaneous firing is attributed to the next number of sodium channels. Allodynia has been associated to elevated expression of voltage-gated calcium channels. Already the remark of the patient, antalgic positions and demonstrative performing can inform on the possible problems. The bodily examination ought to begin outside of the painful area and move slowly to the affected one. The “MacKinnon Sign”, the Tinel-like response that may be noticed when tapping on the affected nerve 8-10 centimetres away of the purpose of most ache, may be very helpful. Moreover, in reference with anatomical landmarks it could possibly help to identify which branches are involved also in case of overlapping territories. Different schemes have been developed to assess ache that keep in mind numerous different bodily and psychological parameters. On the alternative, the classification proposed by Sood1 summarizes effectively the different sort of ache which might be usually reported in five modality: spontaneous ache, spikes, stress (or faucet) ache, movement ache and hypersensitivity. This simplified scale, although it remains subjective, is easier to perceive for the patient and offers a great base for describing the changes after treatment. A good response with 317 a great ache reduction has been associated to higher results. A careful, non-traumatic and pressure– free coaptation of the severed stumps is the most effective technique to forestall the formation of neuromas. If the nerve damage was not recognised and not treated primarily, and the nerve ends can be found, an attempt must be made to reconstruct the nerve, most probably with grafts to bridge the hole. The neuroma is resected back till a standard fascicle pattern may be recognised underneath excessive magnification, the defect is measured and the nerve is then reconstructed with autologous nerve grafts. The synthetic nerve conduits is discussed in another chapter, but one of the points in favour to their use is that no extra nerve lesion is produced that might evolve into a further painful neuroma. End-neuromas are usually relocated in muscle or bone, whereas neuroma in-continuity and scar tethered nerves are usually wrapped with a fascial flap. Relocation Relocation of the neuromas in a suitable proximal, and in many cases deeper, place in bone and muscle is likely one of the most used techniques. The nerve is uncovered and dissected from the scarred area, the neuroma is resected after which the nerve end is embedded in muscle or bone.

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Thepartof them iddleearcavityabovethebonyroof of theex ternalauditorym eatusiscalledtheattic discount stendra super force amex erectile dysfunction doctors in pittsburgh. Itcarries tastefibresfrom theanteriortwo-thirdsof thetongueandm aybedam agedbyseveretraum atotheear buy generic stendra super force 30mg erectile dysfunction cancer. W henthe headm oves,m ovem entof theendolym ph stim ulatessm allcalcific particlesandthehairprocessesem beddedinthem em braneatthem aculae. The perilym ph hasacom positionsim ilartothatof ex tracellularfluid,andtheendolym ph,with ahigherpotassium concentration,ism oresim ilarto intracellularfluid. Profuse,inoffensivem ucoidotorrhoeasuggestsaperforationof thetym panic m em braneandinfectionfrom them iddleear. A continual offensivescantydischargem aybeasignof acholesteatom acausedbyinfectedkeratin form ing inapocketbehindthetym panic m em brane. Theonsetof bleeding orpaininchronic dischargem ayindicatem alignantchange,butacute bleeding aftertraum asuggeststhetwoarerelated. C onductive hearing lossisduetoanyprocesswhich disruptsconductionof soundenergyfrom theouterear,through thetym panic m em braneand ossicularchaintotheinnerear(Table9. Causes of hearing loss Conductive W ax O titisex terna M iddleeareffusion Traum atothetym panic m em brane/ossicles O tosclerosis Chronic m iddleearinfection Tum oursof them iddleear Sensorineural Genetic,e. Askabouttheageandspeedof onset:peoplewhodevelop hearing lossbeforetheyacquirespeech haveunusualspeech thatisvowelbasedandlacking inthecleararticulationof specific consonants. O thercausesincludeinfectionandtraum a,which m aybeaccom paniedbybleeding anddischarge. Thism aybeaccom paniedbythe accum ulationof particles,perforationof thetym panic m em braneand,som etim es,disruptionof theossicularchain. O ccupationandleisureactivitiesm ay beim portantsinceprolongedex posuretoloudnoisecausessensorineuralhearing loss. Thelatterism orelikelytobecentralandprogressive,whereasinterm ittentand parox ysm alvertigoisusuallyvestibularandm aybeaccom paniedbynauseaandvom iting asoccursintravelsickness. D am agetotheex ternalauditory m eatusiscausedbyavarietyof objects,m anyof which,peopleinsertthem selves. Blunttraum a such asablow tothesideof theheadm ayrupturethetym panic m em brane,dislocatetheossiclesanddam agetheinnerear. Tendernessonpalpationof thetragussuggests infectionof theex ternalauditorym eatusortem porom andibularjointproblem s. If thepatientm oveshisheadduring yourex am inationyourhandwillm ove tooandlim itanytraum atotheear. Introducethespeculum andinspecttheskinof theex ternalauditorym eatusforinfection,wax andforeign our bodies. Insevereotitisex ternaorfurunculosiswhereaboilispresenttheex ternalauditorym eatusm aybe com pletelyoccluded. You canrem ovewax bygentlesyringing with heat watertofullyinspectthedeeper constructions. You shouldbeabletoseeaconeof lightastheconcavesurfaceof the tym panic m em branereflectsthelightforwards-thelightreflex. M arginaldefectsex have a tendency totheannulusbutcentralperforationsretainm em branearoundthem (F ig. If theperforationincludesm ostof thetym panic m em braneitisdescribed asbeing subtotal. Therem aybeaflush of bloodvesselsoverthehandleof them alleus,thisoccursinearlyotitism edia. Thism aybevisiblebecauseof afluidlevelbutcanbeindicatedbyaretracted dulltym panic m em brane. Acuteotitism ediatypicallyresultsinm ucopurulent m iddleearfluidwhich invariablyreleasesitself byperforating thetym panic m em brane,main toaprofusedischargefrom theear(F ig. If persistent,thefluidbecom esthickleading toglue ear-otitism ediawith aneffusion(F ig. Askthepatienttoperform aValsalvam anoeuvre(forcedex pirationagainstaclosedglottis)whileyou observethe tym panic m em brane. Inspectandpalpatethepinnaandsurrounding space(acute mastoiditis,acute otitis externa,trauma (h aematoma),previous surgery). Inspectboth ex ternalauditorym eatiforsignsof discharge,crusting,ex coriation(acute otitis media,acute otitis externa). U sing theotosope,ex am inetheex ternalauditorym eati(rem em bertoliftthepinnaupwardsandbackwardsto straightenthecanal). Theneedtoraiseyourvoice inthissituationim pliesadegreeof hearing loss,whilefailing tohearthebellorphonesuggestsm oresevereloss. If hearing isnorm alorhearing lossissym m etrical,thenhewillhearthenoiseinthem iddleorequallyinboth ears. Im m ediatelyplacethetuning forkprongsclosetotheex ternalauditorym eatusonthesam esideandaskpatientsif theycanhearitnow. Testing vestibularfunction Inform ationfrom thevestibularapparatusisintegratedthrough centralnervouspathwayswith eyem ovem entsandposturaladjustm ents. Turntheirhead45°toonesideandthenrapidlylowerthem sothattheirheadisnow 30°under the horiz ontal(F ig. Inbenign parox ysm alpositionalvertigothereisalatentperiodof up to20secondsbeforetheyex periencevertigoandyou willseerotatorynystagm uswhich beatstowardsthelowerear.


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