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By: Ivy Paige Altomare, MD

  • Associate Professor of Medicine


Retinal thickening remains in the neighborhood of the optic disc Image interpretation points the affected person grew to become aware of fast visible decline in the of consuming uncooked liver order prinivil with a mastercard heart attack jaw. Vitreous samples collected throughout surgery right eye three months before visiting her native physician cheap prinivil 5mg overnight delivery heart attack queen. Acute retinal necrosis is acute panuveitis that occurs in one or Semin Ophthalmol. The yellow ish-white patches indicate retinal necrotic lesions, and the yellowish-white patchy lesions in the early phase turn into con fluent leading to geographic lesions. Vasculitis also happens in the acute phase with perivascular hemorrhages, sheathing, and terminal obliteration of arterioles. During the quiescent phase, in approximately 90% of instances, a rhegmatogenous retinal detach ment happens in the peripheral retinal necrotic space. An common of two primary branches of the retinal artery are occluded through the quiescent phase. Irregular thin ning of the retina, cystoid house formation, and obscuration of the retinal layer construction progresses because the retina gradually breaks down. In the posterior pole, retinal detachment accompanied by retinal hemorrhages and effusive retinal whitening, sheathed retinal artery, vitreous clouding, and a pale optic disc are seen. Yellowish-white patchy lesions, retinal breaks, retinal hemorrhages, thinned retina, and sheathed retinal blood vessels are seen. Image interpretation points the affected person was diagnosed with acute retinal necrosis in the retinal hemorrhages and clouding, sheathing of the retinal blood right eye by her native physician 20 days earlier and underwent vessels, and vitreous irritation. The affected person tested strongly combination remedy with acyclovir, interferon, and steroids. Once once more, a mix remedy of acyclovir, A bullous, retinal detachment had developed a number of days valacyclovir hydrochloride, and steroids was administered. The affected person exhibited the retina was reattached by vitreous surgery and a silicone oil fast progression together with peripheral retinal necrosis with tamponade, however breakdown of the retina was important. In posterior staphy loma, the sclera (eyeball wall) protrudes posteriorly in numerous Background areas of the posterior pole and also can exhibit advanced types. It is Curtin categorized posterior staphyloma into 10 varieties ranging extra widespread in ladies than men and ends in numerous fundus from I to X (1) (. According to chorioretinal atrophic lesions is named pathologic myopia or Hsiang et al. The fundamental component of degenerative myopia widespread posterior staphyloma seen in myopia of Japanese is elongation of the axial length with the sclera stretching poste individuals and accounts for over 50% all through all ages. These breaks are observed as linear fundus lesions that happen in degenerative myopia is the presence lesions, usually radially, in the fundus. In extremely myopic eyes, retinal nerve fiber layer separation, retinoschisis, and lacquer cracks detachment can happen without the formation of retinal breaks (. This was previously known as peripapillary detachment thought to be Muller cells are detected in the retinoschisis. C: Inward growth of the outer lamellar hole and progression of retinoschisis (*). D:The outer lamellar hole progresses ahead and comes in contact with the retinoschisis. Progression from macular retinoschisis to retinal detachment in extremely myopic eyes in associated with outer lamellar hole formation. In Stage 4, Myopic subretinal hemorrhages the internal border of the outer lamellar hole extends until it comes Highly myopic eyes in which hemorrhages are seen on the fovea into contact with the innermost layer of the separated retina and centralis require the differentiation of myopic subretinal hemor retinal detachment has expanded(22) (. The inci in retinal thinning around retinal blood vessels,(23) however Shimada dence is reportedly three% in extremely myopic eyes. Because the tissue extensibility of retinal these which develop from myopic foveoschisis, and people which blood vessels is low in contrast with the sensory retina, the super develop from vitreomacular traction syndrome. Based on the fact that myopic foveoschisis happens in detachment and retinoschisis. Surgical management of macular not necessarily absolutely understood, but the posterior vitreous cor retinoschisis associated with excessive myopia. Tokyo, Japan, ment, which is brought on by the inwards traction of the retinal blood Springer-Verlag, 1998. Myopic traction maculopathy: spectral chorioretinal atrophy and lacquer cracks are essential in the area optical coherence tomographic imaging and a hypothesized (33) mechanism. Progression from macular (Fuchs� spot) over time, and macular holes frequently develop in retinoschisis to retinal detachment in extremely myopic eyes is associated instances where the chorioretinal atrophic lesion is bigger than 1 disc with outer lamellar hole formation. Tractional internal limiting membrane detach posterior staphyloma in eyes with pathologic myopia. Pathologic myopia and choroidal neovasculariza 5) Shimada N, Ohno-Matsui K, Nishimuta A, et al. Foveal retinoschisis and retinal detachment in severely 35) Hayashi K, Ohno-Matsui K, Shimada N, et al. Choroidal neovascularization in foveal retinal detachment without macular hole in excessive myopia. Am J pathologic myopia: intravitreal ranibizumab versus bevacizumab � a ran Ophthalmol. Thin choroidal tissue seems to remain immediately beneath the retinal pigment epithelium.

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Each manuscript of this dissertation presents a leverage point for strengthening health equity insurance policies discount prinivil 10mg on-line blood pressure chart new. The subsequent part interprets each of these in flip order prinivil 10 mg on-line hypertension over 65, looking at horizontal and vertical equity ideas, as defined in Chapter One. Comparative trans-inhabitants analysis and responsible evaluation of the empirical outcomes represent standards of follow to inform responsible policy choices that influence inhabitants health (Schrecker, 2013). This is especially effective when supporting proof is challenged by political powers (Schrecker, 2013). Given the possibility of such challenges, deciding on the best analysis design is essential. Scholars say reductionist approaches that consider a single variable at a time could dampen or cowl the realities of health inequity (Murray, Gakidou, & Frenk, 1999; Rydin et al. The pluralist idea of �epidemiological worlds� has just lately been proposed as a strategy to arrange the method of analysis and inquiry within the healthcare area (Rydin et al. Many students argue that health inequities mirror the multi dimensional influences of the setting, with each affect having an amplifying effect on the others (Braveman, 2006; Kawachi, Subramanian, & Almeida-Filho, 2002). This suggestions provides thought provoking grounds for additional exploration and raises the question of security and environmental hygiene in these amenities. In terms of illness prevention, the Act denotes that Canadians can obtain additional enhancements of their nicely-being by �combining individual lifestyles that emphasize fitness, prevention of illness and health promotion with collective action in opposition to the social, environmental and occupational causes of 178 illness, and that they want a system of health providers that can promote physical and mental health and protection in opposition to illness� (Canada Health Act, 1985). The province mandates �The right to reside in a safe and clean setting the place she or he is handled politely and respect and in a method, that totally recognizes the resident�s individuality and respects the resident�s dignity�. In 2017, the Long-Term Care Homes Act and the Retirement Home Act had been amended to embrace provisions for infection prevention and management. Public health seeks to enhance the standard of lifetime of the elderly inhabitants through quite a few primary, secondary. This creates a two-fold challenge for public health: to enhance the health of people through prevention programs and to handle the fee management concern because of these additional programs in an equitable method. Responding to increasing infections and stopping their complications locally will enhance inhabitants health and management the price of unwell-health. Dissertation limitations the studies performed to reply the questions of this dissertation have plain strengths but present some widespread limitations as nicely. In addition, the surveillance reports had been missing some data parts, possibly introducing the risk of missing data bias; to scale back bias, I used full case evaluation. However, this may not have influenced the validity of the testing methods and statistical processes. Third, a limitation specific to the genetics analysis is that the pressure typing assessment was restricted to the samples from outbreak investigations. Future directions Several themes emerge from this analysis as precedence suggestions for future analysis in epidemiology, public health, and hospitals. The outcomes also support advocacy of policy proposals geared toward health equity. Immediate future directions and policy proposals are forecasted and summarized in Figure 6. The figure reveals how suggestions loops that emerge from the recommended public health programs, hospital practices, and health insurance policies will result in the overall evolution of the system. For policy advocates who affect health insurance policies and choice-makers who allocate funding for improvement programs and analysis, the next two themes emerge from the outcomes of this analysis: 1. Fiscal provisions for analysis and discovery should be enforced through insurance policies that support methods degree (group and hospital primarily based) studies that inform equitable health insurance policies and proof-informed suggestions for practices. For hospital administrators and federal, provincial, or local public health departments, the outcomes of the analysis result in each transdisciplinary and unbiased suggestions. Admission screening studies to quantify this question could contribute to our understanding of the bioburden and the position of asymptomatic carriers in hospital outbreaks. Each manuscript opens up alternatives for future analysis and suggests themes to encourage insurance policies supporting health equity. In 2010, throughout a course on the political economy of health, there was an interesting dialogue of the effects of dwelling conditions on Canadians� experiences with adult-onset diabetes. The dialogue instigated the question of whether or not the incidence of group acquired infections that traditionally used to be hospital issues could also be associated to an equity component. Using a mixed advanced adaptive methods tenet and an epidemiological illness transmission triad, it evaluates the dynamics of 1 such group acquired infection. Forrester says: �In the advanced system causes are normally discovered, not in prior events, but within the construction and insurance policies of the system � (Forrester, 1969, pp. It is thru methods pondering, exploration, and collaboration that proof advises the structures and insurance policies capable of inform progressive ideas. Diez Roux, Complex methods pondering and current impasses in health disparities analysis. Shaping cities for health: Complexity and the planning of urban environments within the twenty first century. It explains the use of administrative data, the statistical analyses and software program used for evaluation, and the temporal and spatial evaluation in Chapters Four and Five, and gives the moral concerns. Thirteen sufferers had incomplete data that would not be resolved after a evaluate of electronic and hard copies of their data. In purposive sampling, a non-probable group of samples primarily based on a desired attribute is selected from a inhabitants. The examine used this technique due to its reliance on case confirmation for participant selection.

Systematic review of measurement and adjustment for Vancomycin use for pediatric Clostridium difcile colonization pressure in research of methicillin infection is increasing and related to specic resistant Staphylococcus aureus buy cheap prinivil line blood pressure chart uk pdf, vancomycin-resistant affected person characteristics buy prinivil 5mg amex pulse pressure 64. Unnecessary antimicrobial use in sufferers with children: a inhabitants-based research. Med antibiotic exposures over time and the chance of line:23052318 Clostridium difcile infection. Potential for the prevention of Clostridium difcile-related harms of proton pump inhibitor remedy: uncommon antagonistic diarrhea: a scientific review and meta-evaluation. Use of Comparative efcacy of loperamide hydrochloride and probiotics in prevention and treatment of sufferers bismuth subsalicylate in the administration of acute with Clostridium difcile infection. Antimotility bidobacteria in the prevention of antibiotic agents for the treatment of Clostridium difcile related diarrhoea and Clostridium difcile diarrhea and colitis. Clostridium difcile: response time for treatment with Medline:23932219 metronidazole and vancomycin. J Antimicrob ninety Ofcial Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada three. Clostridium difcile infection in sufferers handled with Medline:27062378 systemic antimicrobial agents. Probiotics for treatment of populations (sufferers with most cancers, concomitant Clostridium difcile-related colitis in adults. Cost-effectiveness boulardii together with commonplace antibiotics for evaluation of treatment strategies for initial Clostridium Clostridium difcile illness. Bezlotoxumab for (Dicid�Optimer Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc prevention of recurrent Clostridium difcile infection. Vancomycin or economic consequences of vancomycin and metronidazole for treatment of Clostridium difcile daxomicin for the treatment of Clostridium difcile infection: clinical and economic analyses Canadian infection in Canada. Cost metronidazole-treatment-clostridium-difcile effectiveness of competing strategies for administration infection-clinical-and-economic-analyses. Infect Control effectiveness evaluation evaluating daxomicin versus Hosp Epidemiol. Cost evaluation of ve competing strategies for the effectiveness evaluation of six strategies to deal with recurrent administration of a number of recurrent neighborhood-onset Clostridium difcile infection. Medline:28103289 ninety two Ofcial Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada three. These enzymes detoxify peroxide and oxygen free radicals produced during metabolism in the presence of oxygen. The hydrogen is added to pyruvate and, depending on the bacterial species, a variety of metabolic finish-merchandise are produced. On the idea of oxygen requirements, micro organism can be divided into following different categories (Fig. Aerobes: Grow in ambient air, which accommodates 21% oxygen and small amount of (zero,03%) of carbondioxide (Bacillus cereus). Obligate anaerobes: these micro organism grow solely beneath condition of high decreasing intensity and for which oxygen is toxic. Facultative anaerobes: They are able to growh beneath each cardio and anaerobic circumstances. Capnophiles: Capnophilic micro organism require increased focus of carbondioxide (5% to 10%) and roughly 15% oxygen. This condition can be achieved by a candle jar (three% carbondioxide) or carbondioxide incubator, jar or luggage. Microaerophiles: Microaerophiles are these groups of micro organism that may grow beneath decreased oxygen (5% to 10%) and increased carbondioxide (eight% to 10%). Aerobes can survive in the presence of oxygen solely by advantage of an elaborate system of defenses. Without these defenses key enzyme techniques in the organisms fail to perform and the organisms die. The tolerance to oxygen is expounded to the power of the bacterium to detoxify superoxide and Hydrogen peroxide, produced as byproduct of cardio respiration. The assimilation of glucose in cardio condition ends in the terminal technology of free radical superoxide (O2). The superoxide is decreased by the enzyme superoxide dismutase to oxygen fuel and Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). Subsequently, the toxic hydrogen peroxide generated in this response is transformed to water and oxygen by the enzyme catalase, which is found in cardio and facultative anaerobic micro organism, or by varied peroxidases that are found in several aerotolerant anaerobes. Contamination of wounds, which provide anaerobic circumstances, can lead to spore germination and tetanus, a comparatively uncommon, but regularly fatal illness. Infection usually happens when spores (in filth, feces or saliva) enter wounds and scratches where they germinate and produce tetanus toxin. The exotoxin (tetanospasmin) binds to ganglioside receptors on inhibitory neurones in central nervous system. The effect of the toxin to block the release of inhibitory neurotransmitters (glycine and gamma-amino butyric acid) it produces the generalized muscular spasms attribute of tetanus. The toxin can act at peripheral motor nerve finish plates, the mind, spinal twine and in addition in the sympathetic nervous system. It is transported inside the axon and throughout synaptic junctions till it reaches the central nervous system. In generalized tetanus, the commonest kind, the affected person typically experiences lockjaw (trismus). This is a stiffness of the jaw muscle tissue that ends in incapability to open the mouth or swallow leading to the appearance of a sardonic smile (risus sardonicus).

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Gradually the weak anterior this used to order prinivil blood pressure drops after exercise be seen in tertiary syphilis however is now surface of the eye protrudes outward resulting in discount prinivil 2.5 mg on line blood pressure young an anterior unusual. Tuberculosis Intercalary Staphyloma this type of scleritis could also be secondary, because of an extension that is situated at the limbus and is lined by the basis of from the conjunctiva, iris, ciliary body or choroid. It can be be main, forming a localized nodule which caseates seen externally from the limbus to as much as 2 mm behind and ulcerates. The traditional causes are lesions that produce and the tissue examined for the organism. Treatment con weakening of the globe on this area similar to perforating sists of systemic antituberculous medication with native, lubricat accidents of the peripheral cornea, marginal corneal ulcer, ing eye drops. Suppurative Bacterial Infections Virulent organisms similar to Pseudomonas inflicting an endo phthalmitis may unfold to infect the sclera and episcleral tissue, resulting in a panophthalmitis together with a scleritis. Treatment consists of excessive doses of intravenous broad-spectrum antibiotics and a care ful watch for further unfold into the orbit and subsequent cavernous sinus thrombosis. Surgical measures embrace in travitreal injection of antibiotics, vitrectomy and, fnally, evisceration of the globe if the eye has no mild notion and all measures to include the an infection fail. Here the ciliary body is incarcer ated within the area of scleral ectasia and has a bluish colour with a lobulated surface. Developmental glaucoma, end stage main or secondary glaucoma, scleritis and trauma to the ciliary area of the eye are a number of the circumstances that result in a ciliary staphyloma. Equatorial Staphyloma this occurs at the equatorial area of the eye with incarceration of the choroid. The equatorial area is approximately 14 mm behind the limbus and is inher involve the episclera more generally than the sclera and ently relatively weak owing to the passage of the venae are usually congenital however may increase in measurement and promi vorticosae. Posterior Staphyloma They are mostly situated at the inferotemporal this impacts the posterior pole of the eye and is lined by limbus, are often associated with Goldenhar syndrome the choroid. Indirect ophthalmoscopy reveals a posterior outward Another variety is episcleral osseous choristomas that curvature of the globe detected as a crescentic shadow in occur within the superotemporal quadrant, are adherent to the the macular area. The retinal vessels are seen to change underlying sclera and are composed of mature compact direction, dipping down into the area. Primary tumours of the sclera are rare, however the sclera may be secondarily concerned by tumours, similar to retinoblastoma Treatment and malignant melanoma, which lengthen from inside the Infammatory ailments which affect the outer coats of the eyeball. Tumours originating from buildings outdoors the eye similar to scleritis, corneal ulcer and keratomalacia from eyeball (similar to squamous cell carcinoma and malignant vitamin A defciency or rheumatoid arthritis with preven melanoma from the conjunctiva or lids) and malignant tion of secondary glaucoma should be promptly treated to lacrimal gland tumours may invade the sclera. Local excision and cally, an intensive native and systemic examination should be repair with a corneal and scleral patch graft may be per accomplished for preauricular and cervical lymph nodes. Large, ugly blind eyes may be treated with lacrimal gland tumours are usually treated with exentera staphylectomy and keratoplasty, or enucleated and changed tion of the orbit. A rather more pronounced blue coloration is these are benign tumour-like lesions owing to the presence sometimes seen in several members of the same household of regular tissue in an irregular location. Chapter | sixteen Diseases of the Sclera 231 this disease is called osteogenesis imperfecta and is Summary characterised by frequent bone fractures (fragilitas the sclera is the opaque white outer protecting overlaying of ossium), blue sclera and deafness. Other systemic ailments that concerned in scleritis which is less widespread however a more severe could also be associated with blue sclera are Ehlers�Danlos situation than episcleritis and is more often associated with syndrome, Marfan syndrome and pseudoxanthoma systemic ailments like collagen vascular disorders, Behcet�s elasticum. Local ocular ailments similar to keratoconus syndrome, herpes zoster ophthalmicus, sarcoidosis, gout and gastroenteropathies. Scleritis is classified as posterior and keratoglobus can also have blue sclera as a further and anterior and the latter could also be necrotizing (with or with function. The this function is especially well exemplifed in infam iris is responsible for metabolism of the anterior phase, mation of the iris and ciliary body; iritis never occurs with by diffusion of metabolites through the aqueous. Its vascularity unfortu classifcation of uveitis is based on the anatomical location nately allows the frequent involvement of the uveal tract in and is proven in Table 17. Apart from the classifcations based mostly on the anatomical Although topographically apparently separate, the iris, site of involvement, uveitis may also be categorized by ciliary body and choroid are so carefully related as to kind a medical course as acute, persistent, recurrent and by pa continuous entire; the ailments affecting one portion often thology, which may be of two sorts�granulomatous and affect the opposite areas. There is a considerable fare and cells within the Uveitis Uveitis Posterior Uveitis Panuveitis anterior chamber. In some instances the aetiology is clear and several other Based on Aetiology infections have distinguishing medical options; however in most cases with a non-descript medical image, a defni Idiopathic, infective, immune-related, neoplastic, traumatic tive analysis is diffcult. International Uveitis Study Group suggestions for the analysis of intraocular infammatory disease. Am J Ophthalmol agent and the uveitis occurs late in the midst of the pre 1987;103:234�5) disposing disease, once hypersensitivity mechanisms have been established. The following classifcation may prove useful: clusters of infammatory cells on the pupillary border 1. Infective exogenous infections, because of the introduction (Koeppe nodules) (Figs 17. This outcomes usually in an acute iridocyclitis, often Granulomatous uveitis could also be because of the invasion of of a suppurative kind (endophthalmitis), and sometimes the eye by dwelling organisms or of an autoimmune aetiology. In the ab eye is concerned and irritation extends into the sclera sence of prior sensitization of the tissues, the infammation and episclera. Secondary infections, during which the irritation of the quiescent infammatory reaction. Chronic infammations uveal tract is due to its unfold from one or other of the because of direct organismal an infection are sometimes character ocular tissues�the cornea, sclera or retina. An intense, nongranulomatous inflammatory cell infiltration of the iris and ciliary body is seen. The scleral spur is hypoplastic (arrow), and the longitudinal fibers insert instantly into the trabecular meshwork.

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It was growing dark once we reached the market buy discount prinivil 10mg line blood pressure medication lower testosterone, however via the dusk we might see that there was an unusually giant provide of meals � a great mound of it � close to the centre of the square cheap prinivil 5mg with amex blood pressure medication cause weight gain, away from the roofed-over portion. I keep in mind Jenner�s saying, �They will need to have had a extremely busy day,� and we ran joyfully towards the pile along with several dozen different rats. Between and behind the lights there have been shadows shifting swiftly, and as they came towards us I might see that they had been males � males in white uniforms carrying nets, round nets with lengthy handles. But then came one other swish, and that time I felt the enveloping fibres fall over me. They entangled my legs, then my neck, I was lifted from the bottom along with three different rats, and the online closed around us. And but you can hardly even call it stealing � it was waste meals, and all they did with it was haul it away to town incinerator. Of course, there are individuals who simply dislike rats, whether they�re doing any hurt or not. Anyway, that wasn�t the reason at all; however what the actual reason was, I didn�t find out for a while. When the man who held it noticed that he had four rats, he pulled a draw string that closed it up. I tried gnawing my method out, however the strands had been manufactured from some sort of plastic, as hard as wire. The noise and actions started to die down finally; I supposed the rats in the square had all both been caught or had escaped. Into this our web was thrust; the man then opened the draw string and we had been dumped on to the floor, which was covered with sawdust. The different nets had been emptied one by one the same method; and in a couple of minutes there was a great-sized crowd of us on the floor, all roughly dazed and all (if I was typical) terrified. There had been no home windows in the back, so it was impossible to see the place we had been going � not that I would have known anyway, by no means before having been greater than half a dozen streets from residence. I think we drove for about two hours, however it might need been less, before the truck slowed down, and turned, and finally came to a stop. The back doorways had been opened once more, and through the wire wall of the cage I noticed that we had come to a building, very modern, of white cement and glass. Night had fallen, and most of its home windows had been dark, however the platform to which our truck drove us was lighted, and there have been people waiting for us. The males from the truck, the ones who had caught us, now joined the boys from the building. He opened a small sliding trapdoor behind our cage; a person outside held one of many small cages up to the opening, and one by one we had been pushed out into our particular person little prisons. It was, in reality, a laboratory, with plenty of gear at one finish that I didn�t perceive at all then � bottles and shiny metallic issues and black boxes with wires trailing from them. But our finish held only rows of cages on cabinets, each cage with a tag on it, and every separated from its neighbours by wood partitions on each side. Someone came around with a stack of small jars and fastened one to my cage; slightly pipe led via the bars like a sipping straw � ingesting water. It was not uncomfortable; it had a floor of some sort of plastic, medium soft and heat to the touch; with wire walls and ceiling, it was airy enough. I, who had all the time run the place I wanted, might go three hops forward, three hops back once more, and that was all. As it turned out, the uncertainty itself was the worst struggling we needed to bear. We had been treated nicely enough, apart from some very small, very fast flashes of pain, which had been part of our coaching. And we had been all the time nicely fed, though the meals, scientifically compiled pellets, was not what you�d call scrumptious. But in fact we didn�t know that once we arrived, and I doubt that any of us got a lot sleep that first night time. So, in a method, it was a relief when early the next morning the lights snapped on and Dr Schultz entered. Let�s call the teams A, B, and C for management; tag them and quantity them A-1 to A-20, B-1 to B-20, and so forth. One by one we had been taken from our cages, held gently however firmly by Dr Schultz while Julie fastened around each of our necks a narrow ribbon of yellow plastic bearing a quantity. I keep in mind that when one rat was being tagged, she looked at it and stated, �Poor little factor, he�s frightened. I cowered to the back of the cage, which was simply what he expected me to do; one hand pressed me flat in opposition to the wire wall; then his fingers gripped my shoulders. The collar was not tight, however by no amount of tugging, twisting or shaking was I ever capable of get it off. About six cages down from me, on the same shelf, I noticed them put a collar on Jenner; however once he was back in his cage, I might see him not. A little later in the morning they came around once more, this time pushing a desk on wheels. It was loaded with a bottle of some clear liquid, a protracted rack of sharp needles, and a plunger. This time George did the holding while Dr Schultz fastened one of many needles to the plunger.

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