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By: Ivy Paige Altomare, MD

  • Associate Professor of Medicine


Tier Three Words and Content Learning this normal process of word acquisition occurs up to four occasions sooner for Tier Three phrases when college students have turn out to be familiar with the domain of the discourse and encounter the word in diferent contexts (Landauer & Dumais purchase principen 500mg line, 1997 buy principen line. Hence, vocabulary improvement for these phrases occurs most efectively by way of a coherent course of examine during which subject issues are built-in and coordinated throughout the curriculum and domains turn out to be acquainted to the coed over several days or perhaps weeks. Examples of Tier Two and Tier Three Words in Context the next annotated samples name consideration to tier two and tier three phrases specifically texts and, by singling them out, foreground the significance of those phrases to the that means of the texts during which they seem. Example 1: Volcanoes (Grades 4�5 Text Complexity Band Excerpt In early occasions, no one knew how volcanoes formed or why they spouted purple-scorching molten rock. They still don�t know all of the answers, but they know a lot about how a volcano works. Volcanoes are formed when magma pushes its method up by way of the crack in Earth�s crust. An understanding of the word layers is critical both to visualise the construction of the crust (�the highest layers of strong rock are called the crust�) and to know the notion of the planet being composed of layers, of which the crust and the mantle are higher most. Perhaps equally important are the word spouted and the phrase pours forth; an understanding of every of those is needed to visualise the motion of a volcano. Both layers and surface are more likely to reappear in middle and high school educational texts in both literal and fgurative contexts (�this would appear believable on the surface�; �this story has layers of that means�), which might justify extra intensive instruction in them in grades 4�5. Tier Three phrases often repeat; on this excerpt, all the Tier Three phrases except mantle and lava seem a minimum of twice. As can be typical with Tier Three phrases, the textual content provides the reader with generous assist in determining that means, together with explicit defnitions (e. Example 2: Freedom Walkers (Grades 6�8 Text Complexity Band) Excerpt From the Introduction: �Why They Walked� Not so way back in Montgomery, Alabama, the colour of your pores and skin determined where you can sit on a public bus. If you happened to be an African American, you needed to sit in the back of the bus, even when there were empty seats up entrance. Strict laws�called �Jim crow� laws�enforced a system of white supremacy that discriminated against blacks and kept them in their place as second-class citizens. People were separated by race from the moment they were born in segregated hospitals until the day they were buried in segregated cemeteries. In Montgomery, it was against the law for a white person and a Negro to play checkers on public property or ride collectively in a taxi. The largest impediment was the ballot tax, a special tax that was required of all voters but was too costly for many blacks and for poor whites as properly. Voters additionally needed to cross a literacy check to show that they could read, write, and understand the U. Those who overcame the obstacles and insisted on registering as voters faced threats, harassment and even bodily violence. But there were different methods to protest, and in the future a half century ago, the black citizens in Montgomery rose up in protest and united to demand their rights�by strolling peacefully. The power of determined right here lies in the notion that pores and skin shade in Montgomery, Alabama, at the moment was the causal agent for all that follows. Its examine is further merited by the fact that it has a number of meanings, is more likely to seem in future literary and informational texts, and is part of a family of related phrases (determine, dedication, determined, terminate, terminal. As was the case in ex ample 1, these phrases are sometimes repeated and defned in context. Closing the expectations gap 2007: An annual 50-state progress report on the alignment of highschool insurance policies with the calls for of school and work. Addressing the needs of underprepared college students in larger education: Does faculty remediation work Interpretations of graphs by university biology college students and prac ticing scientists: Towards a social apply view of scientifc re-presentation practices. Learning from texts: Efects of similar and dissimilar features of analogies in examine guides. Literacy instruction in the content areas: Getting to the core of middle and high school enchancment. The position of readers� standards for coherence in the generation of inferences during studying. Academic literacy: A statement of competencies anticipated of students entering California�s public schools and universities. Writing framework and specifcations for the 2007 National Assess ment of Educational Progress. Writing framework for the 2011 National Assessment of Educational Progress, pre-publication edition. Joint guide studying makes for achievement in studying: A meta analysis on intergenenerational transmission of literacy. Long-time period efects of preschool teachers� guide readings on low-earnings chil dren�s vocabulary and story comprehension. Efects of listening to story studying on elements of literacy acquisition in a diglossic state of affairs. Efects of listening to sequence tales on frst graders� comprehension and use of language. Spoken language difculties: Practical methods and actions for teachers and different professionals. Engaging teachers in language analysis: A useful linguistics ap proach to refective literacy. Percentage of unknown vocabulary phrases in textual content as a operate of the relative difculty of the textual content: Implications for instruction. A cross-sectional examine of the acquisition of grammatical morphemes in youngster speech.

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A 30 � 50 W energy setting is usually suffi the Coagulation Function cient for laparoscopic interventions buy on line principen. The energy setting used generally is determined by the scale of the selected jaws as the density of the vitality transferred to the tissue is instantly relative to the scale of the jaws buy principen 500 mg lowest price. As soon as the tissue must be thought of to be able to keep away from unintentional turns into pink again, the incision is interrupted and thermal injury. To stop soiling of the jaws, the suitable optimization of the surgical procedure which turns into energy setting relying on the scale of the jaws should simpler, quicker and safer in consequence. This downside is usually resolved by used for preparation, dissection and unipolar coagula putting more trocars to be able to acquire entry to tion, whereas the spatula is especially suitable for additional working angles. Once the structure has been throughout the operative area, the practical finish may be ex negotiated in this means, blunt posterior mobilization is tended to the specified curvature to commensurate with effected by a back and forth movement of the fully ex the needs of dissection. The retractor the liver, making retraction more comfy for the is introduced into the peritoneal cavity in its straight, surgical assistant. Once contained in the abdomen, the distal also be used for manipulation of the bowel and different finish is closed with the assistance of forceps and slipped anatomical buildings. The liver may be safely held away from the along side Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri and operative site in this method for extended durations of his workers on the University of Dundee. In gastric banding, the abdomen band is anchored within the fenestration Fenestrated retractor working element and pulled across the esophagus. When the anastomosis is matic dilation of the anal sphincter and the introduction accomplished, the whole system is removed. This may be simply superior proper as much as the base locations the surgeon�s hand in open surgery to regulate of the rectal stump. Removing the developed that may permit the atraumatic removing via specimen usually poses a problem, nevertheless. There are an precisely controllable lesion within the stomach wall principally two ways of removing tissue: vaginally or or pores and skin. Adnexal specimens, specifically, must be the spreader is opened, this creates a round opening routinely removed utilizing an extraction bag. The pores and skin lesion is closed the stomach cavity because of the scale difference utilizing commonplace surgical strategies. Then the freed gall bladder is fundus, the removing of those stones with lithotomy drawn into the trocar sleeve with the grasping forceps. The precision branches and the brand new laparoscopic micosurgery and is designed to suture locking mechanism allow easy and precise guidance buildings as small as zero. The deal with, outer sheath and inside part may be Similar to all our surgical instruments, the cleaning and cleaned and sterilized individually for excellent results. The arrangement of suturing, but additionally prevents extreme pressure to the the deal with in relation to the longitudinal axis of the person muscle teams of the decrease arm and con instrument clearly differs from typical instru sequent fatigue. It may be utterly dismantled degrees of freedom, which ends up from the fact that the for cleaning and sterilization. Suitable for all laparoscopic interventions which require Advantage: the usage of a needle holder, particularly if the restrictions the radius of motion on the site of operation is on movement imposed by a trocar impair the operation extended, both alongside the instrument�s axis (straight unacceptably. Special Features: 30 distal articulation Easy handling Can be utterly dismantled Length 33 cm Autoclavable 26193 D 26193 D Articulating Needle Holder, size 5 mm, length 33 cm including: Outer Sheath Inner Sheath Handle Working Insert Please notice: Using the needle holder with a needle bigger than really helpful might result in a mechanical injury to the instrument. Under direct laparoscopic imaginative and prescient and adequate pneumoperitoneum, place the fascial closure instrument into subcutaneous tissue instantly adjoining to the trocar cannula. Again, under direct imaginative and prescient, reinsert the fascial closure instrument, without suture, on reverse facet of trocar cannula. Consequently, intuitive use ensures irrigation deal with was specially constructed for precise precise suction. The deal with design allows activated with the thumb, offering the consumer with a suction energy to be regulated in accordance with the consumer�s powerful irrigation perform. These distally Hybrid procedures differentiate from pure transvaginal and/or proximally curved working instruments facilitate operations in that an extra port is used, i. To have the path of view greatest suited for every beforehand inaccessible areas may be detected and state of affairs obtainable at all times provides the surgeon a controlled. This system is a versatile more and more used normally surgery, urology and unit that enables the usage of both straight and specially gynecology. An outstanding function of this method is Furthermore, resected materials may be removed without its modular construction. It Using a clockwise movement, the complete lip could have consists of a cone with an outer diameter of 34 mm and negotiated the complete thickness of the stomach wall into an inside diameter as channel for 30 mm instruments as the peritoneal cavity. In addition to sheath rotation, this method permits the consumer to rotate the jaw unbiased from the fastened outer sheath via a rotary wheel built-in within the deal with. The place of the jaw recommendations on the axis allows atraumatic rotation and manipulation of the tissue with assistance from the control wheel on the deal with. Consequently, the curved design permits handy intracorporeal adjustment and comfortable, ergonomic positioning without the camera assistant having to enter the working space. This instrument is especially useful for single-port surgery as it allows the electrode to be individually adjusted for numerous interventions. Here as much as four or multiple-port surgery, the cannulas are positioned closely five trocars are inserted transumbilically by way of a collectively. Large trocar housing can, subsequently, cause multiport entry site whereas one massive entry point is restricted maneuverability. Special Features: Small trocar heads (under diameter 2 cm) Greater freedom of movement for instrument Without insufflation adaptor manipulation Available in 3. It was first introduced in 1996, proposing to and matching exactly the diameter of the corresponding diminish surgical trauma by lowering the diameter of the instrument. Its insert with a progressive dilating tip and mini had been too flimsy made minilaparoscopy unpopular and restricted mal gap causes less injury throughout insertion to muscle for laparoscopic surgeons.

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The navicular bone serves as a key stone for arch stability generic 250mg principen with visa, and any pain directly over the navicular raises the possibility of serious harm generic principen 500mg visa. Such injuries embody navicular stress fractures, tendinopathy of the poste rior tibialis tendon insertion onto the navicular, traumatic separation of an accessory nav icular, and partial or full tears of the attachment of the plantar calcaneonavicular (spring) ligament. Pain over the navicular with an unusual bony prominence suggests a possible accessory navicular, present in larger than 20 p.c of sufferers. Pain over the plantar floor of the arch can come up from an acute strain or longitudinal arch collapse. X ray Pic of fibula fracture which was a number of,,, + different pic for the leg of the pt and gave hx and asked what u will do additionally Answer: Osgood�Schlatter disease case Construction employee introduced with pain in the lateral epicondyle of the elbow Answer: lateral epicondylitis 279. The widespread presentation is knee pain in affiliation with positions of the knee that lead to increased or misdirected mechanical forces between the kneecap and femur Reference: emedicine. Eventually, the fatigued muscle transfers the overload of stress to the bone inflicting a tiny crack known as a stress fracture. Pt with hx of epilepsy came with shoulder pain, adduct or internally rotate the arm What is the harm Otitismedia Answer: Otosclerosis Presbycusis is principally a disease of the aged > 60 with, high tones extra affected, and reveals a sensory neural or combined pattern. Otosclerosis is an inherited disease, presents usually between 10-30 years , with a conductive (extra widespread) or combined pattern relying on the affected half by the sclerosis. Myrin gitis can develop with viral, bacterial (notably Streptococcus pneumoniae), or mycoplasmal otitis media. Sjogren syndrome Answer: B examine �Post surgical Parotitis � Postoperative parotitis is a well-known entity which may develop in sufferers who bear main abdom inal surgery. Loss of sensation superior to vocal cords Answer: A (cricothyroid muscle, supplied bu the exterior department of the superior larungeal nerve) B: Recurrent laryngeal(cricorytenoid muscle. Answer: C the otolith organs sense gravity and linear acceleration similar to from due to initiation of motion in a straight line. When the stones accelerate, with respect to the hairs, they exert a shearing force on the hairs. This force is detected by the hair cells and despatched to the brain by way of branches of the vestibular nerve. The utricle sends enter to the brain by way of the superior division of the nerve, and the saccule, by way of the inferior division. The utricle is essentially horizontal in the head, and largely registers accelerations appearing in the horizontal plane of the top (known as the axial plane by radiologists. The saccule is essentially vertical, really parasagittal, in the head, and registers accelera tions in the vertical plane (known as parasagittal or coronal plane. Elderly affected person with sudden onset hearing loss, lack of balance, and lack of eye blinking, the place is the tumor Meniere disease Answer: C Meniere�s disease: a reason for recurrent vertigo with auditory signs extra widespread amongst females. If all three fail regardless of good compliance affected person could also be referred for surgical intervention. Ct scan accomplished and reveals gentle tissue filling the entire nose in that side What is the cause of these signs Cholesteatoma Answer : B prevent signs of allergy to pollens and dust through the use of what: A. Aldhahri and says it�s more than likely a case if foreign body not sinusitis) Ear pain. Other much less widespread indications for tonsillectomy embody the need for tissue analysis in malignancies (lymphoma, oropharyngeal scc. Trigeminal and Answer : A , tensor tympani is innervated by the mandibular department of the trigeminal, whereas stapedius muscle is innervated by the nerve to stapedius of the facial nerve. Patient presenting with hearing loss , dizziness , tinnitus, vertigo what are you going to do to lo cate the lesion Tonsillitis Answer: A and B Quinsy is an old identify much less frequently used nowadays for peri-tonsillar abscess. Hot and dry environments � the results of such environments could be mitigated through the use of humidifiers, higher thermostatic management, saline spray, and antibi otic ointment on the Kiesselbach space. Tympanostomy tube grommet Answer: � surgery: myringotomy � air flow tubes � adenoidectomy (if enlarged or on in sertion of sec ond set of tubes after first set falls out) air flow tubes to equalize pressure and drain ear Reference: Toronto note Most delicate test for maxillary sinus: A. X-ray Answer: A A 17 years old male complains of sore throat, cough, fever, ear pain. This is called Myringitis (notably Streptococcus pneumoniae), or mycoplasma otitis media. Grommet tube insertion (Tympanostomy tube) Answer: A Reference: Toronto note emedicine. Sinusitis as well as comes with different signs similar to thick mucous secretions, facial pain and headaches. Intracranial: meningitis, epidural and brain abscess, subdural empyema, lateral and cavernous sinus thrombosis, carotid artery thrombosis Year old man with chronic unilateral nasal obstruction , imaging reveals fleshy mass polyp chronic forging body effect reply : polyp, vs tumor (benign vs malignant) want extra data. A Weight discount & adenotonsillectomy are the first line of administration in appropriately chosen kids. Maxillary Ophthalmic Answer:not clear question ,however thrombophlebitis in facial vein can simply cause cav ernous ve nous thrombosis. Sialolithiasis (80% submandibular gland) presents as posprandial pain and swelling of the submandibular region.

Mietens syndrome

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Although these strategies result in a weakness order principen mastercard, which comes into play when the spasticity is discount in muscle tone [25] discount 250mg principen visa, since they solely produce effectively treated. Innervated muscular tissues can be constructed up by a short-time period effect, the therapies typically should be re power training in youngsters as nicely, though this requires peated. Unfortunately, there are only a few corresponding common controlled training and a motivated and coopera facilities with educated and experienced personnel, particu tive affected person. Braces that firmly grasp and bridge ment, primarily with diazepam (Valium), baclofen (Lio the affected joints during useful use, i. Diazepam (Valium), in low doses, usually loses corresponding to arthrodesis or tenodesis. Modern instrumental its effect after a number of weeks on the newest and is therefore three-dimensional gait evaluation is very useful within the particularly suitable for short-term tone management,. It is ity of the affected extremities and can also result in stiffness usually administered by mouth initially (zero. Particularly spastic In most circumstances nonetheless, it subsequently must be dis muscular tissues have a robust tendency to supply contractures, continued because of the most important side effects, particularly in contrast with dystonic or atactic muscular tissues. In such circumstances, lems disrupt the coordinated sequence of actions, intrathecal administration by way of an implanted program prevent the interaction between the antagonists and ago mable pump represents one potential various. While nists and therefore intervene with on a regular basis capabilities such the generalized side effects can be lowered significantly as sitting, standing, strolling and the use of the higher [eight, 33], complications corresponding to catheter dysfunction, leaks extremities. Finally, the pump should be modified after to a sure extent by applicable positioning of the affected person 5�7 years. The spasticity normally affects one direction Before the pump is implanted definitively within the of motion on the joints, typically extension within the legs and abdominal space, either subcutaneously or subfascially, a flexion within the arms. This can either involve an the affected person is seated produces a looser position that additionally intrathecal bolus injection of baclofen, or else the publish 717 four four. This method appears onset after 12�seventy two hours and lasting for between three and to be particularly suitable for severely disabled sufferers, 6 months. The injections may be repeated, and no nega producing a positive effect on the arms. Unfortunately, tive penalties have been reported so far as a result the implanted pumps are still comparatively giant, thus re [four, 13, 32, 38. Furthermore, since few parents and Posterior rhizotomy is another method for decreasing sufferers are willing to just accept the implantation of a pump, muscle tone [31]. In contrast with the baclofen pump our own expertise with this method remains limited nonetheless, that is restricted to the lower limbs. Al lease of acetylcholine and thus inactivating the related although this procedure not solely reduces muscle tone however muscle. This method is used for particular person muscular tissues or may also have an effect on muscle power, and can also result in sensory muscle teams. The muscular tissues that are affected by spastic problems in some circumstances, the discount in spasticity does ity can greatest be identified by instrumented gait evaluation. If the treatment proves suc for instance common weakness, heterotopic ossification cessful, the botulinum toxin injection can either be re [29] or progressive hip dislocation[17, 20, 26]. Although peated or the related muscle can be lengthened with the we ourselves have had very limited expertise with this goal of making it weaker. This is a technique of suspending method, it should definitely be included within the repertoire a scheduled operation with out the onset of extra of therapies for reaching efficient tone management, par deformities. The Another means of influencing spasticity is to slacken the drug can also be injected into muscular tissues whose tendons are muscle and thus cut back its force. Since the effect roughly lasts for the with a tendon lengthening or aponeurotic lengthening professional period a tendon takes to heal, further protecting measures cedure. While this this botulinum toxin treatment has now turn out to be an surgical procedure ends in a everlasting lack of power indispensable a part of the fashionable administration of cere when carried out on normal muscle, the facility declines bral palsy. It has additionally been advised that, if employed at solely temporarily after the aponeurotic technique and a very early age (2 or three years), pathological compensa subsequently recovers utterly [7]. No more than 50 U of Botox per injection explains the contradictory outcomes reported after tendon website ought to be administered. To obtain muscle differs relying on the respective muscle, the a discount in power the tendon should be lengthened age of the affected person and the preparation. A prior test injection with botulinum toxin will signs of weakness can even occur at this degree, we avoid assist avoid any incorrect indications. The injection can be administered fering durations (from a number of hours to months) by means of under local anesthesia, sedation or, if extensive, under a nerve blocks involving the instillation of local anesthetics, common anesthetic. If solely the motor sec We administer a common anesthetic for the injection tions of the nerves are infiltrated, this method is a good of very deep muscular tissues (e. Only a joint and coordinated strategy will treatment for spasticity ensuing from traumatic lesions have the ability to give the affected person the best rehabilitation. Braces the assorted braces available cover a variety, from the Uncontrolled muscle activity easy shoe insert to the complicated, individually adapted Patients with uncontrolled muscle activity lack a suffi electrical wheelchair. Most braces are mentioned in connec four ciently stable basis for standing and strolling. Orthopaedic tion with different therapeutic strategies in relation to indi braces that information the joints of the lower extremity whereas al vidual physique areas. The basic ideas are outlined in lowing free motion within the sagittal plane may help such Chapter four. Orthoses substitute deficient muscle ac the therapeutic choices include the assorted �therapies� tivity, stabilize joints and protect the stability in relation (physical remedy, occupational remedy, speech remedy to muscle lengths, which is extra important than precise and so on. Unfortunately, this type of muscle length relying on their objective: one for analysis and the ening is invariably related to atrophy, and relapses as different for treatment.

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Multi-stage sampling is a sampling methodology where the sampling units at every stage are sub-sampled from the larger units chosen on the earlier stage and is especially appropriate in massive survey based mostly studies (Stafford generic principen 500mg with visa, Reinecke and Kaminski et al discount principen 250 mg otc. Multistage sampling as used in this study is described below: First Stage: Selection of districts the eThekwini district was chosen by convenience (Cortinhas and Black 2012: 820) to permit entry with minimal cost. The inhabitants of faculties that provide soccer to feminine learners within the eThekwini district was recognized. The two sub-districts specifically, Pinetown and Umlazi of the eThekwini district have been both included within the study. Second Stage: Selection of circuits Each instructional sub-district serves four instructional circuits. The Umhlathuze circuit (City of Durban) was chosen from the Pinetown sub-district and Durban Central circuit from the Umlazi sub-district. Convenience sampling was used to permit accessibility of the faculties within the two circuits to the researcher, and to reduce petrol prices because the researcher coated his personal transport prices. The Central Durban circuit has approximately sixty-two high colleges with seventeen providing soccer to feminine learners (KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education 2010. To be included, colleges had to offer secondary education and be of a public nature. Half of the eThekwini district inhabitants of high colleges which offer soccer to females have been randomly sampled. In this study, three colleges represented the Umhlathuze circuit (City of Durban) from the Pinetown sub-district, and four colleges represented the Central Durban circuit from the Umlazi sub-district. Four of the faculties used in this study have been co instructional and three of the faculties have been for females solely. Fourth Stage: Selection of females taking part in soccer Eighty feminine soccer players from the preliminary two-hundred learners who met the inclusion criteria from seven chosen colleges have been included for participation. Inclusion and Exclusion Criteria Inclusion Criteria Only feminine individuals between fourteen to nineteen years of age have been accepted for the study. Exclusion Criteria Pregnant learners and those suspecting that they could be pregnant have been excluded from the study due to the ability to obscure or change the balance measurements associated to the study (Oliveira, Vieira and Macedo et al. All feminine soccer players meeting the inclusion criteria from inside the chosen colleges have been invited to take part within the demographic profile, injury profile and prevalence study (performed by a unique researcher but linked to this study) (Appendix G. It was estimated that a greater than seventy percent response fee within the first study would be attained utilizing the info collection process outlined below. This would equate to a sample size of roughly fifty percent of the total inhabitants of feminine soccer players within the area. The sample size for the survey required a ninety-five percent confidence degree which was 197-200 as instructed by the statistician (Singh 2013. Stratified sampling is the method where the inhabitants is divided into subgroups before sampling (Cortinhas and Black 2012: 827. Soccer players have been invited to take part and if the total variety of players who have been keen to take part was low, then further players from the lists would be invited to take part to account for attrition. To meet the sample size of eighty as per the preliminary design, all feminine soccer players from seven colleges have been included. A deviation from the preliminary plan was necessary for the reason that estimated sample size was not achieved due to a variety of things together with: players younger than eighteen years of age forgetting to request permission from their dad and mom/ guardians to take part in their study and / or dad and mom/ guardians not signing the mandatory forms; players not arriving for appointments, and sometimes the variety of players taking part in soccer at some colleges was less than twenty. In order to make up the sample size of eighty, an additional twelve individuals have been recruited by convenience sampling from the unique random sample, to make up the sample size. As acknowledged within the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (2013), a stadiometer is an equipment which consists of an seventy eight upright vertical ruler and a sliding horizontal bar which is placed on the wall and could be pulled down to the highest of an individual�s head so as to measure their peak. The higher the sway index score, the more unstable the participant (Cachupe et al. The more undeviating the individual�s path to the goal and back to the centre of the screen was, the higher and more beneficial the score (Biodex Medical Systems: 8. The Safeway electronic toilet scale was also placed on degree ground and the stadiometer was placed on the wall above degree ground. The wall on which the stadiometer was placed was also assessed by a builder�s degree. The researcher explained to the individuals precisely as to what every balance evaluation programme entailed. Before commencing the precise balance testing programme every participant was instructed to stand within the anatomical place (Figure three. If a participant deviated from these directions, the participant would begin the check from the start. This check then was repeated and reliability values for total stability index was 0. Regarding the twenty-seven male faculty athletes, it was found that reliability values for total stability index was 0. Once permission was 85 granted by the principals, the researcher contacted the Sports co-ordinators and soccer coaches of every college. Scheduled occasions of meeting with the learners who participated in soccer have been arranged with the Sports co-ordinators and soccer coaches with an emphasis on not interrupting the tutorial programme. The study was performed in classes: the first of which was a brief data session on the college during which the researcher and fellow researcher spoke to the female soccer players about every analysis study and the necessity for it to be carried out. A query/reply session followed and the researchers stressed the importance of consent to take part within the study. Each researcher then handed out participant data letters (Appendix H), parental data letters (Appendix I), parental consent forms (Appendix D), learner consent forms (Appendix E) and learner assent forms (Appendix F) as appropriate.

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