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Björkö WH-B-30L

Window handle left hand. High-end window handle in the classic Björkö design.

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Bottom plate 30 has been designed with guide pins for straight and stylish assembly with end positions for “Kipp-Dreh” windows. The handle comes in left, straight and right versions.

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Item noProductSpindleMaterialTreatment
932641WH-B 30 L-CPnot includedZamac/SteelChrome plated
932644WH-B 30 L-BECnot includedZamac/SteelElectro coated brass
932647WH-B 30 L-SNPnot includedZamac/SteelSatin nickel plated
938432WH-B 30 L 853-SNP8x8 53mmZamac/SteelSatin nickel plated
938449WH-B 30 L 793-CP7x7 93mmZamac/SteelChrome plated
938473WH-B 30 L 853-BEC8x8 53mmZamac/SteelElectro coated brass
938482WH-B 30 L 843-CP8x8 43mmZamac/SteelChrome plated
938483WH-B 30 L 853-CP8x8 53mmZamac/SteelChrome plated