Tyresö Window handle WH‑T 301 R

The Tyresö right-handed high-end balcony door handle is suitable for single or double mounting on window doors that lock with an espagnolette.

Add the cylinder, thumb turn or cover plate of your choice for a complete installation.

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Tyresö window door handle with an oval recess in the long plate for a cylinder, a thumb turn, etcetera. The ROCA window-door handles are suitable for single or double mounting with a locking cylinder/knob or cylinder/cylinder and are available in left, straight and right versions.

The cylinder and knob are sold separately.

For other spindle dimensions, contact ROCA.

How to identify the window handle model by the name:

Example: WH-T 301T L 853-CP
WH (window handle) (Tyresö) 301 (base plate) T (towers) (Left) 853 (8x8x53 mm spindle) CP (chrome plated)


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Item noProductSpindleMaterialTreatmentStock
932810WH-T 301T R-CPnot includedZamac/SteelChrome platedOn Stock
932814WH-T 301T R-SNPnot includedZamac/SteelSatin nickel platedOn Stock
932818WH-T 301T R-BECnot includedZamac/SteelElectro coated brassOn Stock
932821WH-T 301T R-BLECnot includedZamac/SteelElectro coated blackOn Stock
938720WH-T 301 R 853-SNP8x8 53mmZamac/SteelSatin nickel platedOn Stock
938722WH-T 301T R 843-SNP8x8 43mmZamac/SteelSatin nickel platedOn Stock
938723WH-T 301T R 853-SNP8x8 53mmZamac/SteelSatin nickel platedOn Stock
938724WH-T 301T R 863-SNP8x8 63mmZamac/SteelSatin nickel platedOn Stock
938725WH-T 301T R 870-SNP8x8 70mmZamac/SteelSatin nickel platedOn Stock
938730WH-T 301 R 853-CP8x8 53mmZamac/SteelChrome platedOn Stock
938732WH-T 301T R 843-CP8x8 43mmZamac/SteelChrome platedOn Stock
938733WH-T 301T R 853-CP8x8 53mmZamac/SteelChrome platedOn Stock
938740WH-T 301 R-BECnot includedZamac/SteelElectro coated brassProduced on demand
938743WH-T 301T R 853-BEC8x8 53mmZamac/SteelElectro coated brassOn Stock
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