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LINE RG-390, wheelset for sliding doors

ROCA LINE is an easy-to-use sliding door system with a sleek design and high functionality. High-quality components make it smooth and quiet to open and close. 

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The wheelset is easily mounted and is suitable for a variety of uses – for example, on a wall of glass, wood or concrete, and between the floor and ceiling.

  • Suitable for 8-10 mm doors with a maximum weight of 80 kilos
  • The units are tested according to EN 1527 in 100.000 cycles

Please note that track and cover RG-385 is sold separately. For installation, mounting options, and dimensions please refer to the mounting instructions located in the downloads folder.


Item noMaterialTreatmentAmount
861925Aluminum (different in inner parts)Anodized natural (different on inner parts)
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