SLUG 96 Lockable lever bolt

The brand new lockable lever bolt SLUG 96 by ROCA makes it possible to easily lock the passive door leaf.


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With the SLUG 96 technology, it’s not possible to close the active half of the door if the lever bolt is unlocked. This is unlike a standard manual lever bolt that can be left open, which compromises the fire protection.

The key keeper can select locking and controlling permissions and prevent unintentional use of the passive door leaf.

The lever bolt applies the same push-to-close cylinder technology as all SLUG locks, with a visual indication of whether the lock is locked or unlocked. Locking is easily done by bringing the cylinder up or down, depending on the position, until the rod is inserted into its hole in the frame, floor, or threshold. In that position, the cylinder is pushed until it locks.

SLUG 96 can be mounted in most wooden and metal doors. Recesses, other measurements, and instructions can be found below, under downloads.

The size of the lever bolt corresponds to the standard type 96 lever bolt that is available in several designs. An exchange between the standard 96 and the SLUG 96 is possible as long as the recess for the SLUG 96 is taken into account and that there is space in the door for the movement of the cylinder housing.

The lock cylinder is not included. Can be completed with a Scandinavian oval lock cylinder with a height of 31 mm.

Self-drilling screws for installation in steel or wooden doors are included.



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