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ROCA Mekano RM-4042

Our brand new ROCA Mekano with a newly developed attachment system for door handles. It can be ordered customized and adapted to any size and type of door.


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The new assembling kit is mounted directly at the ends of the tube. The kit includes a complete set for double mounting. Standard kit is made for wood/steel doors with a thickness from 30-100mm. The kit is made for tube dimension Ø40×1,5.

We recommend to use tube Ø40×1,5 up to 2300mm lenght, for longer up to 2800mm use the thicker tube.

No further machining is required on the tube except cutting to desired lenght. The mounting kit and tubes are ordered separately. Alternatively, a complete handle (tube and attachment) can be ordered. Specify hole spacing or total length. Contact seller for more information.

This set can also be mounted on glass doors. Complete with glass kit 930655.



Item noMaterialTreatment
930640Stainless steel (AISI304)Satin polished