Decibel with NoKey FORCE

NoKey FORCE is a battery-powered code lock that is easily mounted with our Decibel lock case fitting RG-470. The code lock offers quick and easy door passage using a code while unauthorized people are effectively shut out. Suitable for both interior and exterior doors – for example, office doors, computer rooms, archives, and warehouses.

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The NoKey FORCE code lock is based on the principle that the handle in normal position is decoupled. But with a valid code, the handle is switched on for an adjustable time and the door can be opened.

The code lock uses ordinary AA batteries, which – counting a hundred openings a day – last for about three years. Batteries are easily changed as only one screw needs to be loosened. The unit warns in good time before the batteries need to be changed.

Combine the NoKey FORCE with our lock case fitting RG-470 and a lock case from ASSA. Add distance plates on both sides and the setup is ready for glass doors.

When ordering distance plates, specify the choice of material and any RAL code.

See download for further instructions.


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865045Distance plate RCO NoKey Thumb turn sideSteel or stainless steel on requestAny RALLog in to see stock status
865046Distance plate RCO NoKey Key pad sideSteel or stainless steel on requestAny RALLog in to see stock status
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