Decibel + ASSA 179

An emergency exit or an elegant glass door? Now you can have both, as the ASSA 179 emergency exit device is compatible with the Decibel glass fittings.

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ROCA:s oval Scandinavian lock cylinder and a high-quality mechanical lock housing from ASSA constitutes a safe and professional locking unit for an emergency glass door.

ASSA 179

The ASSA 179 is an emergency evacuation fitting for outward-opening swing doors in a modular profile design.


  • Certified according to SS-EN 179
  • The lock housing is also available with a microswitch
  • For doors with B / C dimensions smaller than 25 mm, a 3 mm distance plate 179 is recommended


  • The door can always be opened from the inside via the escape handle
  • Authorized passage with a key is possible from both inside and outside without affecting the alarm indication
  • The evacuation handle can be sealed with sealing wire


Decibel Module RG-470

Decibel RG-470/471 is the basis for a group of products used for locking glass doors with a module lock case type 565/310. These lock fittings are mainly used for swing doors in frames with seals – type Decibel.

The assortment includes lock cases, covers, end plates, frames, hinges, and a variety of products such as knobs, handles, and cylinder rings. It also includes screws and brackets for mounting cylinders, cylinder rings, and knobs. When using a cylinder, complete with a 9 mm cylinder ring on the inside (cover side) and a 13 mm cylinder ring including extension ring 860869 for the outside (lock case side).

Extra machining of existing products is required. See attached documentation.


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ON DEMANDAdditional machining required, contact ROCA for further information.
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