Regal folding bracket

Regal is a unique folding bracket in aluminum that – not only – provides steadfast support for a tabletop or shelf but also exudes elegance.

Thanks to some clever, patent-pending, details Regal is easily installed. The smooth and noise-free operation makes Regal the natural choice for any home or office.

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The Regal folding bracket is intended for optimizing indoor spaces such as offices, workshops, kitchens, living areas, and boat cabins. It’s available in natural anodized or black aluminum but can be ordered in various hues depending on the quantity.

Note! If you want a foldable table or shelf with a soft, noise-free, and controlled motion: Regal is available both with a damper (Regal L Soft) or without a damper (Regal L). Depending on the weight of the shelf or tabletop you should use either one Regal Soft + one Regal L or two Regal Soft (or more, depending on the width of the shelf). Without the Regal Soft, the operation of the shelf or table will not be so controlled and noise-free.

Heavy load capacity
Each bracket is capable of holding up to 80 kg of distributed weight.
Easy Installation
The uniquely designed link arm grants easy access to the screws required for attachment.
Sleek and slim design
With a focus on aesthetics and space efficiency, Regal has a slim profile with a minimalistic design.
Durability and longevity
Crafted with recyclable aluminum and stainless steel for exceptional structural integrity even under demanding conditions.
Plastic bearings eliminate noise during operation, meaning no annoying clatters when folding and unfolding the bracket.

    • Patent pending (2350392-3)
    • Design protection in several countries (015012487)

We are very proud that the Regal folding bracket was nominated for the Dame Design Awards 2023!



Item noMaterialSurface treatmentNoteStock
910130AluminumAnodized naturalRegal LLog in to see stock status
910131AluminumAnodized blackRegal LLog in to see stock status
910135AluminumAnodized naturalRegal L SoftLog in to see stock status
910136AluminumAnodized blackRegal L SoftLog in to see stock status
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