OnLevel Flex-Fit Attachment set 1kN

Flex-Fit is OnLevel’s new system for fine adjustment of glass panels.

This system allows you to adjust the position of each glass panel up to 40 millimeters in relation to the perpendicular. It is the perfect solution for secure alignment of glass balustrades.

With just a simple sliding movement you precision-position the glass, reducing the assembly time by some 30%.

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Technical specifications

Type: Flex-Fit
Model: 0502
Use: Interior and exterior
Glass thickness: See list
Length: See list
Material: Rubber


Item noMaterialLength = mmFitsStocked in
90050211200Plastic/Rubber250012mm glassProduced on demand
90050211300Plastic/Rubber250012.76mm glass (6/6/2)Europe
90050211700Plastic/Rubber250016.76mm glass (8/8/2)Europe
90050211800Plastic/Rubber250017.52mm glass (8/8/4)Produced on demand
90050212100Plastic/Rubber250020.76mm glass (10/10/2)Produced on demand
90050212200Plastic/Rubber250021,52mm glass (10/10/4)Produced on demand
90050511200Plastic/Rubber500012mm glassProduced on demand
90050511300Plastic/Rubber500012.76mm glass (6/6/2)Europe
90050511700Plastic/Rubber500016.76mm glass (8/8/2)Europe
90050511800Plastic/Rubber500017.52mm glass (8/8/4)Produced on demand
90050512100Plastic/Rubber500020.76mm glass (10/10/2)Produced on demand
90050512200Plastic/Rubber500021,52mm glass (10/10/4)Produced on demand
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