Motion sensor RG-396

RG-396 is a highly sensitive, high performance microwave motion sensor designed to detect humans or objects with a range of 4×3 meters. Together with our ROCA Motion it creates a safe and reliable sliding door system featuring automatic opening and closing of doors. 

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  • R&TTE certified
  • Dimension: 180mm (length) X 53mm (width) X 42mm (thickness)
  • Application frequency : 24GHz
  • Power consumption: 150mA
  • Output contact (max. loading): 0.5A/125VAC, 1A/24VDC
  • Power supply: DC12-30V, AC12-24V.
  • Detecting field: 4X3M (W X D) (2.2M height)
  • 2 years warranty

For the safe and accurate use of the product, please read the instruction manual located in the downloads folder carefully.


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