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Hardware kit 1 for ROCA dB

Complete assembly kit for Roca dB, including everything you need to assemble your ROCA decibel solution. Included is our flexible ROCA easy RG-461 lock case, which makes this hardware kit applicable for almost any interior glass door application. Please see attached file for more detailed description and installation instructions of the various applications.

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Item noTreatment
861680Painted grey (RAL9006)
861682Satin nickel plated
861683Painted black (RAL9005)
861684Painted white (RAL9010)
861685All parts in black (RAL9005)


Including: Assembly kit RG-582, weather strip RG-586, strike plate RG-448, lock case RG-461, lock fitting RG-441, lock case cover RG-446, hinge RG-490, blind rosette BRF-2, lever handle LH-201 incl. M4x45 screws.