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Rakego Soft

Just like the standard Rakego, Rakego Soft folding bracket is a telescopic folding bracket especially suited for drop leaves, workbenches, and tables in cramped spaces.

But the Rakego Soft folding bracket also features a damper that reduces the folding impact and minimizes the risk of getting the fingers pinched.

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Rakego Soft is the same unique folding bracket as the standard Rakego: It can be used everywhere – from cramped ship bunks to cabins on commercial vehicles to hospital trolleys, cafes, shops, and offices all around the world – anywhere you want to create more space. But, Rakego Soft is also a soft-folding bracket with a safety feature that dampens the folding of the bracket.

Some salient attributes:

  • Holds up to 140 kg
  • Has optional matching hinges
  • Made of aluminum (AA6061)
  • Available in silver and black
  • Slim and elegant design
  • Soft folding

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Item noA = mmB = mmC = mmP1 (kg)P2 (kg)TreatmentStock
38322530-39252459555Anodized naturalOn Stock
38332530-39252459555Anodized blackProduced on demand
38472530-504028712060Anodized naturalOn Stock
38482530-504028712060Anodized blackProduced on demand
38622530-4054913714080Anodized naturalOn Stock
38632530-4054913714080Anodized blackProduced on demand
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