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Electric strike, Fail secure 24V ST30

STEP 30 Preload™. Easy strikes with preload technology. 24V upright.
The door has a very high reliability. The lock strike is tested for high opening frequency.
Suitable for our lock case ROCA Easy RG-461 and common modular locks for the Scandinavian market.
Strike plate for electric strike RG-589 and RG-590 sold separately and cables.


  • Built-in protection diode
  • Resists 5kN (500 kg)
  • Ensures opening despite the drop in pressure right turn and reverse function
  • Anti-hammer secure, highly resistant against impact and vibration
  • Reversible to fit the right and left doors
  • Voltage: 24 VDC ±10%
  • Consumption: 110mAh / 300mA max at 24V
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