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Eccentric latch Covered 405

A new generation of covered eccentric latches in an elegant and smooth functioning covered design. The Eccentric latch Covered saves space even in an open position by being flat.


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Made of acid-proof stainless steel and comes in two different finishes: our highest standard, electropolished, and tumbled industry finish.

A straight catch plate is included. It can easily be adjusted in different positions which will ensure a tight latching. Made of acid-proof stainless steel and comes with two different finishes, electropolished and tumbled industry finish. Built-in lock for release and available with eyelet for a padlock. The eyelet can be removed if needed.


Item noMaterialTreatmentNoteAmount
934451Acid proof stainless steel (AISI316)Electro polishedWith locking eyelet
934452Acid proof stainless steel (AISI316)TumbledWith locking eyelet
934455Acid proof stainless steel (AISI316)Electro polished
934456Acid proof stainless steel (AISI316)Tumbled
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