RG-595 Door magnet

ROCA Decibel door magnet can be used with various glass door applications but is primarily developed for use with the ROCA Decibel frame.


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ROCA Decibel door magnet is easily attached with 2xM5 on the door frame.

The magnet plate is attached to the glass with premounted tape. The position can be anywhere on the door, opposite to the hinge side (preferable in the middle, where normally a lock case is attached) or above under the horizontal part of the frame.

The magnetic force of the Decibel door magnet is adjustable and depends on the position of the magnet. By default the force is set to approximately 35N, but can be adjusted from ~20 to 45N.

For stronger force, use several magnets. These magnets can be used with Decibel Door frame RG-580 and others. Combine these magnets with a suitable pull handle or a shower knob.



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