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ROCA Decibel door frame, RG-580

Aluminum door frame for swing door in ROCA Decibel glass solutions, or for a wooden door with sidelight.


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  • Sound reduction up to 35 dB
  • Easy to mount: ”Plug and play”
  • Ready module dimensions as well as customer-specific solutions
  • Robust and slim design
  • Unique fittings
  • We also offer customer-specific colors according to RAL

The profile is – despite its small size – heavy duty performed to minimize movements, and together with sidelights it makes a very stable wall portion. Side and over panel can be pushed 15 mm into the frame. The profile is prepared for the sealing strip and threshold assembly.

Complete with mounting set RG-582 – containing floor fittings, corner connectors, and screws for hinges and strike plates. Suitable hinges for glass are RG-490, strikes RG-448 and lock fitting RG-441.


Item noMaterialTreatmentProductAmount
860925AluminumAnodized naturalModule: 8x21, Right handed
860926AluminumAnodized naturalModule: 8x21, Left handed
860935AluminumAnodized naturalModule: 9x21, Right handed
860936AluminumAnodized naturalModule: 9x21, Left handed
860945AluminumAnodized naturalModule: 10x21, Right handed
860946AluminumAnodized naturalModule: 10x21, Left handed
861425AluminumPainted black (RAL9005)Module: 8x21, Right handed
861426AluminumPainted black (RAL9005)Module: 8x21, Left handed
861435AluminumPainted black (RAL9005)Module: 9x21, Right handed
861436AluminumPainted black (RAL9005)Module: 9x21, Left handed
861445AluminumPainted black (RAL9005)Module: 10x21, Right handed
861446AluminumPainted black (RAL9005)Module: 10x21, Left handed
862225AluminumPainted white (RAL9010)Module: 8x21, Right handed
862226AluminumPainted white (RAL9010)Module: 8x21, Left handed
862235AluminumPainted white (RAL9010)Module: 9x21, Right handed
862236AluminumPainted white (RAL9010)Module: 9x21, Left handed
862245AluminumPainted white (RAL9010)Module: 10x21, Right handed
862246AluminumPainted white (RAL9010)Module: 10x21, Left handed

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