Deck filler, aluminum

This is a complete aluminum deck filler that features a sleek, elegant design. Both body and lid are made of aluminum to avoid corrosion on aluminum boats and include color-codes to indicate the intended use of fuel.

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The aluminum deck filler combined with the lid avoids corrosion on aluminum boats. The plastic handle is color-coded depending on your intended use (fuel, waste, or water) to make it easily distinguishable.

  • Available with Ø 38 and Ø 50 hose size
  • Perfect for aluminum boats to avoid corrosion compared to a stainless steel model
  • The lid is opened by pushing and then twisting the folded turn and securely attached to the body with a ball chain
  • Includes a complete set with the deck filler lid

Note: In versions 422581 and 422582, only the plastic plug is included.


Item noMaterialL1 = mmD = mmTreatmentProductStock
422551Aluminum/Plastic73/2.87”Ø50/2”Anodized naturalFuel, Red plugOn Stock
422561Aluminum/Plastic73/2.87”Ø38/1.5”Anodized naturalFuel, Red plugOn Stock
422562Aluminum/Plastic73/2.87”Ø38/1.5”Anodized naturalWater, Blue plugOn Stock
422566Aluminum/Plastic73/2.87”Ø38/1.5”Anodized naturalWaste, Black plugOn Stock
422581PlasticPlug - FuelOn Stock
422582PlasticPlug - WaterOn Stock
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