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Cylinder escutcheon CR-106 to CR-121

The Cylinder escutcheon for a standard oval cylinder. Heights between 6 – 21 mm. Available in several diffrent surface treatments. To be used together with the Roca Thumb turn.

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Item noMaterialH = mmNoteTreatmentAmount
936002Zamac6CR-106Chrome plated
936006Zamac9CR-109Chrome plated
936007Zamac9CR-109Dull chrome plated
936009Zamac13CR-113Nickel plated
936010Zamac13CR-113Chrome plated
936011Zamac13CR-113Dull chrome plated
936012Zamac13CR-113Satin nickel plated
936014Zamac15CR-115Chrome plated
936015Zamac15CR-115Dull chrome plated
936017Zamac18CR-118Nickel plated
936018Zamac18CR-118Chrome plated
936019Zamac18CR-118Dull chrome plated
936021Zamac21CR-121Nickel plated
936022Zamac21CR-121Chrome plated
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